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October 31, 2008

Cooper Firearms – the last bit

I concur:

Cooper Firearms, the company, has done everything in their power to remedy this situation, and I’m going to come out and say they ought to be welcomed back into the community.

Then spread it around

Barack Obama:

Exxon-Mobil announced that it had made the greatest profits of any corporation in the history of the world: $14 billion in one quarter. That’s all your money.

Funny thing is, uh, it’s not your money. See, you exchanged your money for goods and services.

Obama supports federal law to ban concealed carry

Report and audio here.

More from the ‘truth squad’

Via email, seems Obama’s Truth Squads are being untruthful:

It has come to our (NRA’s) attention that with Halloween upon us, the Barack Obama campaign and its allies are up to dirty political tricks.

NRA members in key presidential battleground states have informed us they have received deliberately misleading phone calls from someone professing to represent the NRA, asking voters to support Barack Obama. This is an absolute and intentional lie.

NRA has long been on record as opposing Barack Obama, as Barack Obama has long been on record as opposing the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Update: presser here.

And so, it begins


With a slender margin separating Republican Sen. John McCain and Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, battalions of lawyers are converging on Florida to handle any disputes at the polls and run to court if necessary.


The TN Democrat Party had to change an ad because it was a lie.

ACK has the correspondence detailing the lie.

Another one

This time, from a feminist. That’s adorable. What’s with all these crazy idiots saying that if Obama loses, there’s going to be race wars and civil wars and violence in the streets?

My other birthday present

I mentioned my Birthday Loot here. But the other present left was that Politically Incorrect Dog was locked in the house all day. With diarrhea. Been cleaning carpets for two days.

80 pound bulldogs make a lot of poo when they have the trots. I’m guessing the kennel fed him something not on the approved list while we were vacationing. He’s also been very gassy since we’ve been back. And we know all about bulldog farts.

Might want to see a doctor about that

In this post about Bryan Miller stating gun owners have guns to substitute for their erections (particularly tasteless since it was in reference to the tragic death of a child), I asked: What about my wife’s gun?

To which phlegmfatale replied:

I dunno about your wife, but I totally get girl-wood.



A Tam Twofer:

Tam on the war: Okay, enough wiretapping; we’ve got the data we’re going to get. Lets get these guys off the board before the hippies take over.

Tam on HopeChangetm: The other side wants to do things like sell me bad health insurance at gunpoint.

Cooper Firearms Update

USA Today reports that Dan Cooper has resigned. Blames blogs. Sebastian gets a mention in the piece.

Our old pal Bob Ricker says we gun bloggers are wackos. And calls it McCarthyism.

Last night when the comments there totaled about 200, I noticed how stupid your average USA Today commenter was. I mean, they were like Bob Ricker stupid with references to McCarthyism and trampling first amendment rights. I guess they don’t realize that we bloggers were advocating using our first amendment rights to voice our concerns to the company. They also don’t seem to realize that McCarthyism does not include refusing to patronize a business for its political views. If Dan Cooper was being investigated by the .gov for his political views, the comparison might be valid. Seems like voicing our concerns to the company and voting with our dollars worked.

Anyway, glad Dan Cooper did the right thing and left the company. I just wish he’d instead have learned of Barack Obama’s record on guns and recanted.

What they mean by reasonable gun laws

In NYC, Party City was fined $500,000 for selling toy guns.

A Boston Globe editorial:

Incredibly, there is no minimum age to fire a gun in Massachusetts. All that is required for someone under 18 is parental consent and the presence of a licensed instructor. That is a massive loophole that has to be closed, especially when parents show such poor judgment about their children’s well-being. In this case, many more children could have been accidentally cut down.

You mean, like everywhere else? And there’s the misuse of loophole once again. Loophole seems to mean we think it should be illegal but it isn’t. Also, I’m sure some minors hunt in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts and this would end that. It would also end teaching proper gun safety and handling to children, effectively making it impossible to bring new shooters into the fold.

Also, it is apparently already illegal for those under 21 to fire machine guns in Massachusetts. So, let’s make it illegaler. I wonder if that restriction applies to those in military service?

But it’s all reasonable.

So give them guns and badges anyway!

or basic math is racist and sexist!

In Chesapeake, the top scorers on a test to become a police officer included no blacks or women. Obviously, the test must be flawed.


From me, at The Gun Blogs:

This site (The Gun Blogs) seems to be irrevocably broken. I can’t fix it. I’ve tried. And, honestly, activity here isn’t that high. So, I’ll let it fade quietly into the night. Authors should save their content if they wish to keep it. Once the domain expires, it will be gone.

So, if you have stuff there, you may want to keep a copy. It’s sad but I can’t fix and activity has dropped off. And it marks the last time (here’s the first) that I attempt to start a group gun blog.


Laurel says of me:

It’s definitely my favorite roundup of guns and politics news.

In other news, why have I not been reading a blog called Politics, Guns and Beer?

Iraqi military to get S&W MP9s

So reports Steve



Update: A fake?

Gun sales up

More reports of the trend.

Be on the look out

In The City (My The City), a local man had $34,750 worth of guns stolen:

A Maryville gun collector came home Wednesday to find someone had burglarized his residence and stolen about 100 guns which were valued at $34,750.

William Ellis Spurgeon, 4760 Sevierville Road, had been away from home since Sunday. When he returned at 11:08 a.m. Wednesday he noticed a sliding glass door located on the side of the house standing open, according to the police report.

After closer inspection, he noticed pry marks around the lock area of the door.

He immediately went to check on his gun collection, which was located in a closet in the basement of the house, which is located beside Spurgeon Greenhouses. He found about 100 guns missing, along with several boxes of ammunition.

A list of items the burglars made off with:

Guns stolen included Colt .45-caliber WWII commemoratives, Colt Detective Series, Cobra Action Scout .22-caliber, Colt Gold Spike, four .22-caliber derringers, Smith and Wesson .44-caliber Magnums with 6- and 8-inch barrels, six Smith and Wesson .351-caliber Magnums, two nickel-plated .44-caliber Magnum pistols with 6-inch barrels, Smith and Wesson .357-caliber Magnum Texas Ranger, bone handled pistols, Rouger .44-caliber Magnum Red Hawk Super, two .44-caliber nickel-plated black powder guns, a Winchester 30-30 John Wayne Rifle and a 30-30 President Roosevelt Rifle.

Election and guns

Chris Cox in Obama and Guns:

In speech after speech, Barack Obama has claimed he would “uphold the Second Amendment.” Mr. Obama, of course, is a polished speaker who says “words matter.” But records matter more. And while Mr. Obama is short on experience on most issues, he’s long on anti-gun votes and even longer on rhetoric. Now’s a good time to review both.

Meanwhile, Dave Kopel has a state by state break down in Gunning for Victory.

Opposing views

NRA v. the Brady Campaign.

Everyone is making a pocket 380 these days

The latest comes from Kahr.

October 30, 2008

Go Vols


About time

Roger is back to blogging.

Air it out

Ahab wants to chat with Dan Cooper on the air.

Gun sales, carry permits up

In Tennessee:

Gun stores are doing big business these days despite the sluggish economy.

Sales may be slow for some retailers but there are two reasons why the registers have been ringing at gun stores.

“I have personally never seen it like it has been this year,” said Larry Baity at Gun City USA in Nashville.

He has sold a record number of guns recently… and he knows why.

When the economy goes south, it kind of goes hand in glove, crime increases.

I was talking to a local gun dealer a bit back. He said sales were through the roof.


apparently there was some sort of ballgame last night?

Birthday Loot

Quiet night at home with the family, with a few of my favorite things: sushi, bourbon, apple pie. I got some coffee mugs with the kids’ pics on them.

Also, I got a Leatherman Skeletool. I had an old Gerber Multi-Tool that a friend got me. I’ve had that thing for 18 years as of yesterday. I got to the beach and needed pliers only to discover that the Gerber tool would no longer open. Looks like a bolt/rivet in the pliers themselves came loose and, as such, the pliers won’t come out the top. That pretty much renders it useless. Still, it was a good tool and I recommend it.

But the Skeletool is a bit better, I think. First, it is much lighter due to all the holes drilled in it. Second, it’s smaller too. Due to that, I can carry it in my pocket, unlike the Gerber which I kept in my truck console. Also, the Skeletool’s knife blade can be opened with one hand, unlike the Gerber. And there are a variety of bits available for the Skeletool and they are easier to change than trying to change bits on a Gerber, which involves taking it apart.

A couple of cons on the Skeletool though: there is no serrated saw blade, like the Gerber had. There is also no file. I never used the latter but the former came in handy quite a bit.

Chirp, chirp

For those interested, I now have a Twitter account. You can follow it here. It just lists my blog posts there (using twitterfeed). I just figured for those of you with Twitter accounts, it would be easier for you to follow.

Thanks to Jack for the tip on Twitterfeed.

Transition Team Follow Up

Mentioned here:

The Outdoor Wire has confirmed from confidential sources that the “transition team” for the Democratic candidate has already begun looking into the current approval system for firearms transactions.

Jim Shepherd has more on the subject:

Now, after further investigation, it may be that the presumption of some diabolically-forward looking plot to suborn the e-records was, well, presumptive. We’ve been assured that the visits to federal agencies are, in fact, part of the current administration’s efforts to assure a peaceful and orderly transition of power – to whichever party wins the election next Tuesday.