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Sportsmen for Obama

When your record on guns can only hurt you in a national race, what do you do? Create a shill group, of course:

Today, our campaign announced the membership of our Pennsylvania Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Obama Steering Committee. Avid hunters and anglers from around the state, the committee members lauded Obama for his understanding of and respect for Pennsylvania’s hunting and fishing traditions and his strong record on conservation.

As Sebastian notes:

Oh, you mean protecting hunting and fishing by shutting down most of this Nation’s gun shops?  Or by screwing pistol hunters by banning their firearms?  Or by banning all semi-automatic firearms?  Is that how he supports hunting and fishing?  By voting against a bill to prevent gun manufacturers from being sued out of business by cities like Obama’s home of Chicago?

Barrack William Jefferson Obama is looking to benefit from a shill group that asserts he’s pro-gun. This of course goes completely against his actual record. Rather like how Ray Shoenke of the American Hunters and Shooters Association did a while back. Barack Jamiroquai Obama doesn’t have much of a record but what is there is adamantly anti-gun.

Of course, someone was smart enough to get on this a while back: Sportsmen for Obama.

7 Responses to “Sportsmen for Obama”

  1. Chas Says:

    Broke Dick Obama is a liar.

  2. Stormy Dragon Says:

    >Or by banning all semi-automatic firearms?

    Not that I agree with such a ban, but Pennsylvania doesn’t permit the use of semi-autos in hunting, so such a ban wouldn’t be an issue for hunters specifically.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    Pennsylvania doesn’t permit the use of semi-autos in hunting

    No shit? Odd.

  4. Stormy Dragon Says:

    >No shit? Odd.

    I believe the theory is to discourage hunters substituting volume of fire for careful aim and thus reduces the risk of things getting hit by stray shots. Not being a hunter I can’t comment on how accurate such a theory is, but that’s the explanation given.

  5. blounttruth Says:

    Hmmm, very odd that a politician would use lies to get into office… Guess what, they are all lieing and we that tax paying Americans are the ones that will pay for their conquests. Be also assured that there are millions that are buying their rhetoric, just like mst folks here supporting McCain even though he is a disaster waiting to happen. Obama lieing for votes by supporting guns is par with McCain not supporting illegal aliens. No shock here..


  6. karrde Says:

    Michigan’s hunting law limits the number of rounds that can be chambered by a hunting weapon, while allowing semi-auto rifles to be used.

    For white-tail deer, any gun which can accept more than five rounds, or any external magazine which can hold more than five rounds is forbidden.

    There’s some rule about three rounds for migratory waterfowl…

  7. CL >>Sportmen for Obama Says:

    [.. and the smoke here is in his voting record..]

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