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Speaking of gun bills that have no shot at being passed

HR1096 by Ron Paul. This bill gets rid of the sporting purpose nonsense, among other things.

I dig it but it won’t pass.

4 Responses to “Speaking of gun bills that have no shot at being passed”

  1. Stormy Dragon Says:

    Even if section 3 could past, section 2 is such a poison pill I have a hard time looking at this as anything other than grandstanding.

  2. Brass Says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why he didn’t grandstand like this during the time the Republicans had control of the House and Senate. Could it be that he knew that most Repulicans wouldn’t vote for this and would make them look bad in front of their constituants?

  3. sadcox Says:

    No way it will pass, but love him for at least stirring the pot. That’s the biggest reason I’m looking forward to his presidential run…at least he can force some of the debate in the right direction.

  4. USCitizen Says:

    My belief is that Ron Paul is trying (desparately) to save his Republican creds after voting FOR the recent ‘symbolic’ abandon our troops measure.

    Ron is one of the 17 Repubs who chose to limit his own tenure in the house by joining the 246 Dems in this symboloc, albeit toothless Iraq non-support vote.

    Ron’s HR 1096 Bill, is also a symbolic gesture. But we can dream can’t we?

    That’s why I suggested in my post that we also roll back the Gun Control Acts on 1986, 1968 and the National Firearms Act of 1934 while we’re at it.

    Dream BIG as long as you recognize that you are dreaming!

    As long as we’re in dream mode, I’m in the market for a trailer-towed Quad 50 setup like Mike Dillon’s. For “Collection and Investment” purporses of course.

    Aim small, miss small, y’all.