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What a firearm!

To good to be true?

“Hey,” one of the officers asked, “aren’t you going to clean it?”

“Oh,” Murphy grinned as he snapped the box shut, “didn’t I tell you? The whole gun is non-corrosive, even under a salt water spray, and the lubricants are permanently fused into the metal. It’ll never need oil, and dirt can’t stick to any of the moving parts. Bury it in sand, dig it up, bang the butt on the ground once to clean it out, and it’ll work like a hundred-dollar watch.”

I’ll take two.

9 Responses to “What a firearm!”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    That’s great. It reminds me of some recent Dilbert cartoons involving insane promises from marketing guys.

  2. gunner Says:

    It also slices, dices, and juliannes.

  3. nk Says:

    Oh, yeah. I’m old enough to remember. They were touting the “Mattel toys” as self-cleaning guns. Then they sent them to Viet Nam. They would jam a lot. I’ve never owned one. What is it about the bolt handle that’s like a faulty ratchet? That it’s kind of a free-floating spring-loaded thing?

  4. Kirk Parker Says:

    Whole paragraphs of this story must have been simply made up! Let’s have Joe Huffman weigh in on the likelihood of a .223 round causing a can of gasoline to burst into flame….

  5. AughtSix Says:

    We use a lightweight bullet, traveling at terrific speed, 3300 ft. per minute [sic]

    Oh, great… a 50 grain bullet that’s barely speeding in a residential zone. I’m impressed.

  6. Chris Byrne Says:

    Hey, it jsut goes to show that gun writers were as full of shit 44 years ago as they are today 😉

  7. Captain Holly Says:

    When I read the description, I thought they were talking about an AK…

  8. trainer Says:

    Is this SiFi maybe? Some Alternate reality where he might he be talking about some wonderful ‘gun of the future’…he can’t be talking about that POS jam-o-matic colt. How can you trust something that has a bolt assist built in as part of the original design.

    I enjoy mine, but I ain’t taking it to war. While it’ll put all of it’s shots into one ragged hole, my SKS will shoot 10,000 times without a jam (or cleaning)…using ammo dug up out of a farmers field in Cambodia.

    Better yet, grab a Garand.

  9. nk Says:

    “While it’ll put all of it’s shots into one ragged hole …”

    I have read a lot about what a wonderfully accurate cartridge the .223 is in a barrel with the right twist. If I can ever afford a Galil …. In any case, I want a 25-06 before that.

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