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Terms of use

Aunt B. thought it was a good idea to have some. So, she wrote some.

I’ve had terms of use and a contact page for a while in full smart ass glory. But, all you lawyer-type readers out there, it begs the question: Do these things really matter or provide any level of legal protection at all?

I guess I need to a link policy and privacy policy too.

2 Responses to “Terms of use”

  1. nk Says:

    There’s some kind of federal law that immunizes site owners from action over what others post on it. But … whatever. What kind of site do you want to have? You don’t need terms of use to delete a comment or ban someone. It’s your site and nobody can claim a right to post a comment on it or even read it without your permission.

  2. nk Says:

    P.S. You should have a copyright notice just to be safe. Who knows? A collection of your posts ten years from now may be worth a lot of money.