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B-Ho on H-Fo and B-Co

Bill Hobbs says Harold Ford Jr. Is a Liar. Yes, he is. But so is Bob Corker. B-Ho knows that. If cannot tell a lie was a requirement for office, we’d have no one in office.

3 Responses to “B-Ho on H-Fo and B-Co”

  1. bob Says:

    “If cannot tell a lie was a requirement for office, wed have no one in office.”

    And the problem is?

  2. tgirsch Says:

    Yes, but B-Ho doesn’t mind one of the liars, whereas he hates the other liar, thus making the lies of the one far more egregious than the lies of the other.

    Rather like lying about blowjobs is unforgivable, whereas lying about connections between specific countries, specific terrorist organizations, and specific terrorist attacks is perfectly acceptable in context. (Or, depending upon whom you ask, doesn’t even qualify as “lying.”)

  3. Bill Hobbs Says:

    Actually I don’t like either liar. But one of them at least will vote for GOP leadership of the Senate, the other will vote for Harry Reid to run things. I prefer a Republican as Senate Majority Leader and a Republican picking committee chairs.

    So, in November, I’ll cast a vote for Corker based on the party not the candidate.