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Bad beats

True story and rare poker blogging

I play Texas Hold Ďem poker with friends on occasion and this really happened. Iím dealt a pocket pair of fours. With a pair (even a low one), Iíll stay in at least for the flop. So, I do and flop is most kind when it reveals another four, a five and a face card. Three of a kind on the flop, I think. Sweet. Now, not to overplay and scare folks whose money I want off, I slow play a bit. Everyone folds but me and one guy. The turn turns out to be another four. Sweet, four of a kind. I am invincible! I bet more aggressively. The opponent stays in. The river, another five. You play four of a kind to win because the odds dictate you do that. Iím all in. My opponent is too. I assume heís riding a face card full house or heís overplaying a three of a kind.

He flips over a pocket pair of fives. Son of a bitch. Four fours beat by four fives. He looks at me and says: Look on the bright side. That will probably never happen to you again as long as you live.

11 Responses to “Bad beats”

  1. Blake Says:

    I hate when that type of thing happens. You have an “invincible” hand, and someone has one better than you. There’s nothing really you can do though…you have to play it.

  2. mks Says:

    So, what was the damage?

  3. SayUncle Says:

    We don’t play for real money. We played $20 per person, winner take all. It was early so pretty close to $20.

  4. Nathan Moore Says:

    That hurts. But he’s right – it will never happen again in your lifetime.

  5. ben Says:

    That would net you about $20,000 at a casino as the “bad beat” even at low stakes like $2-4.

  6. Bruce Says:


  7. _Jon Says:

    Actually, it does happen.
    Statistically, if one player has a good hand the odds of another player having a good hand is significant.

    Related, if you have some software that can play WPT (like on a PDA or a PC), run through a few hundred sessions. You will find yourself in situations where your three of something can’t possibly be beaten – but they will, and not “rarely”.

  8. Terry Says:

    SayUncle, I have never meant you, I am sure you are a nice guy, a loving family man, a credit to the community, etc. ets….But if you were near me right now, I would belt you one.

    I thought you were in a real game and had about two thousand in the pot with 800 of it yours.
    That is something to write about, NOT a kids, KIDS poker game, “were everybody gets there money back at the end. So there are no hard feelings. Its just for fun.”
    Priorities please.

  9. SayUncle Says:

    Terry, it was just a friendly game. I’m not good enough to play for big money but our $20 games aren’t with Monopoly money. But no one got their money back at the end. It’s more for entertainment, bragging rights, and an excuse to pound some adult beverages.

  10. Wince and Nod Says:

    I had five Kings once (I think we were playing baseball = lots of wild cards) and lost to five Aces. That’s the #1 possible and #2 possible 5-card poker hands.

    Thank God it was penny ante.


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