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Politico blogs having fallout

Stacey Campfield reports that one of his bills was killed for what was quoted on his blog. He also reports that the Tennessean is going to do a story on his blog. Good. More politicos should blog. And if they don’t want to blog, they could always send emails to bloggers with permission to post it.

Mr. Campfield, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, you need to run a spell checker on your posts. You can get one here. Granted, it won’t pick up things like for all intense and purposes but it’s a start. A proofreader wouldn’t hurt, either.

Update: TeeVee picked up on the story.

As did The Tennessean.

Bill Hobbs has more.

Update 2: Forgot to mention, Matthew White broke the story first.

5 Responses to “Politico blogs having fallout”

  1. gclimer Says:

    Hey, I agree on the spellchecker! I just looked at it and he has several spelling errors, as well as punctuation and such, i think a proofreader would best suit his situation. btw, found your site by way of

  2. countertop Says:

    I need a spell check too.

    But then again, I am somewhat anonymous . . . . . and don’t really care. He, on the other hand, is associating his blog with his job performance.

    Big big difference.

  3. cube Says:

    Spelling errors, i did not notice.

    though since he is a polictican i makes me fell better, the really are not any better than i am.

  4. cube Says:

    he also nees to learn how to hyper link

  5. august west Says:

    I say he should forego the spellchecker or proofreader — and let his constituents see just how uneducated he appears to be. My wife and I were both in fits of laughter at his very first post, and we would rather not lose this source of comedy.