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Another reason to like Tennessee

The Daily Times notes upcoming family events:

The high power rifle program is about to begin at the Oak Ridge Sportsmen’s Club. It offers excellent target shooting for everyone from beginners to experts. Their high power range reaches to 1,000 yards and is one of the finest in the East. A big variety of shoots are open to public participation and viewing.

One of the best ways to break into match shooting is the CMP/DCM Rifle Matches, which are usually held on the third Saturday of the month starting in March. This has a federal government program (Civilian Marksmanship Program) that furnishes M1 Garands and ammunition at a nominal price, and makes the participant eligible to purchase an M1 Garand at a special price.

ORSA has beginner’s clinics for the CMP/DCM that are ideal for the first-timers. Distances shot are at 200, 300 and 600 yards. They are at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 19, April 16, and Sept. 17. Contact Dan Worsham for more information at 947-0735, or e-mail at

One Response to “Another reason to like Tennessee”

  1. robert Says:

    If you want to expand your conciousness without using any drug but Varget, you oughtta GO TO A HIGHPOWER MATCH! You’ll be surprised how well common service rifles will shoot in the hands of an expert.

    IMHO, after training several thousand soldiers, even an NRA Sharpshooter classified shooter is a better shot than a USGI trained snipers.

    ANY NRA classifed shooter, even a Marksman, can outshoot 95% of GIs.

    And an Expert, Master, or High Master classified shooter could TEACH Army snipers anything they needed to know about shooting.

    This sounds like a great range and match series. I’d pack up that AR and go learn to SHOOT!