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Felony animal abuse update

WATE reports that Timothy David Sawyer, who was accused of shutting a bathroom door on the neck of a Jack Russell terrier, then pouring liquid makeup down the puppy’s throat until it suffocated, will be the first person in the state to serve prison time for felony animal abuse. He was sentenced to three years.

8 Responses to “Felony animal abuse update”

  1. GMontag Says:

    Oh come on! The ex-pat contingent of the RTB wants to hear more about the hottie teacher from McMinville who was doing her student(s)!

    BTW, Charles McCord of the Imus in the Morning show needs an education on pronouncing the smallest county with an international airstrip in all of Tennessee (the greenest State in the land of the free).

  2. SayUncle Says:

    I saw that somewhere. She’s quite the hottie.

  3. ben Says:

    well, if a nazi held a gun to my head and forced me to torture a dog, and I got to pick what kind of dog, I’d pick a Jack Russel. My second choice would be Hillary Clinton.

  4. sherry Says:

    Whoever wrote that a jack russell would be his choice if he had to torture a dog is nearly as big a jerk as the guy who did it..

  5. ben Says:

    that would be me, and why is that? The only Jack Russels I’ve known were obnoxious twits. Friends of mine have one, and it was fine, for a Jack Russel, until their new baby came along, and then it tore apart the house, ruined the front door, crapped everywhere, bit the kid on the face and was irritating beyond belief. Among the worst dogs I’ve ever seen.

  6. ben Says:

    that, and I’m a cat person.

  7. Justin Says:

    I think you are missing the point Ben…the motherfucker deserves a punishment similar to what he did to the dog. It doesnt matter what breed it was.

  8. Dog Breeder Says:

    Ahhhh…. I see there are a couple posting comments that obviously are about as bright and intelligent as Timothy David Sawyer!!! (that would be #1 and #3 posters).

    You need to get your priorities straight, this guy is dangerous, want him around your kids, grandchildren or pets (even if it is a cat)? He has probably done this before and this is the only time he has gotten caught. It could very easily be the mother and child when he gets out. Use your energy for something constructive like going to sign the petition that is in the original posts and help keep him in as long as possible.