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Gun friendly states

Enforcement problem:

A Justice Department report shows that Arkansas has rejected a higher proportion of applications to buy firearms than most other states.

One of every 48 prospective gun purchases in the state is rejected. On average, the survey of 40 states shows one of every 65 attempts to buy a gun is rejected.

Arkansas uses FBI background checks to enforce provisions of the Brady Bill, enacted 10 years ago. The law makes it illegal to sell guns to people with criminal records.

The Justice Department study shows that since 1999, 15,438 Arkansans have been rejected for gun purchases. In Connecticut, one buyer is rejected for every 330 purchases, while in Tennessee, there is one rejection for every 26 purchases in Tennessee.

As I’ve said before, gun friendly states seem to enforce existing gun laws better than non-gun friendly states. I think it’s probably because if you have too many, you can’t enforce them all. I guess they let the important ones slide.

3 Responses to “Gun friendly states”

  1. SayUncle : After all, pork is more important Says:

    […] icking and gun-related crimes. This program was not a magic pill, after overall gun crime prosecutions are low relatively speaking but, maybe because of this program, su […]

  2. The Comedian Says:

    CT is not so gun unfriendly as you might imagine, and the CT numbers are deceptive due to the nature of its gun laws.

    Though CT is now a de-facto shall issue state, without a carry permit (or the almost never applied-for license to purchase pistols) you are simply not allowed to even purchase a handgun. Without having a carry permit or a hunting license you cannot buy a long gun unless you wait two weeks.

    This disincentives & procedural hoops dissuade most, and those that are not dissuaded simply get rejected applying for a license, NOT when they go to try and buy a gun.

    CT allows the private ownership of machine guns, and thanks to the pre-1986 policy of Colt to help employees do the paperwork required to buy M16’s, CT boasts the highest rate of, maybe the highest overall, private ownership of class III weapons.

    (None of this should be taken as an endorsement of nor a belief in the effectiveness of the Nutmeg State’s laws, I just thought that the outlier statistic that you mentioned should be put into context.)

    Aside: Last I heard there were only six “license to purchase pistols” issued in the entire state. Reason being that the application standards were the same as the carry permit, so it would be an odd duck indeed who would not simply apply for the carry permit.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    I think also the fact that CT is the wealthiest state may account for class 3 ownership. Don’t they have a state AWB too?