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Solid food

Well, sort of solid. Last night, Junior got her first taste of solid food. By solid, I mean one part rice cereal to five parts formula. As I said, sort of solid. More like liquid with the occasional chunk in it. The Mrs. was feeding her while I was videotaping the momentous occasion. The first bite, Junior looked quite confused. She moved her mouth a bit, realized it was OK and swallowed. Then, she grinned from ear to ear. She was obviously happy to discover that there is more than one type of food on the planet (she had only had formula for the last 13 weeks).

Me and the wife then switched (I got to feed while she taped it). Whereas she ordinarily eats between four and six ounces of formula, she only had about eight bites of cereal then washed it down with a sip or two of formula. Not much in terms of volume but I guess the different consistency filled her up.

A good time was had by all. Now, we’re counting down two more weeks until the introduction of baby food. We’ll be changing the consistency of the formula/cereal mixture between now and then to increase the food’s solidity.

2 Responses to “Solid food”

  1. bjbarron Says:

    Gee, you modern parents are something. Back in my day they ate what was on the table AND changed their own diapers. We didn’t have no money for stinkin’ formula. Hell, we were so poor that if my kids weren’t boys…they didn’t have nuthin’ to play with.

    BaDa Boom

  2. Edo Says:

    Congrats on the first step to a big transistion. You ready for the good news/bad news angle? Okay, then.

    Bad news: the #2 diapers are going to actually start smelling bad.

    Good news: as Junior eats more and more rice cereal, she’ll start sleeping longer.

    (disclaimer: I have a 4 1/2 and a nearly 3 year old, so my analysis isn’t really based on a huge sampling; however, all my friends and relatives who also have small children have experienced the same phenomena).

    Bottom line: for us, the good news waaaaay out weighed the bad news.

    In any event, congrats!