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Does Your Police Chief Support the AWB?

Well, time’s running out on one of our favorite leftovers from the Clinton Years, aka the Assault Weapon’s Ban. I’ve just faxed some letters out to my Senators and my Congressman. Typically, our Senators’ votes cancel each other out on this issue (assuming Mr. Edwards isn’t too busy doing other stuff to show up), but my Congressman is…well, let’s just put it this way: he used to be a Poli-Sci prof.

Anyway, I was re-checking his contact info on his page, and I decided to glance at his bio. Turns out his wife is a director of something called North Carolinians Against Gun Violence. Their web page has the usual stuff: fear-mongering about the AWB sunset, lying about the “gun show loophole,” and so on.

One thing that caught my eye was this press release saying that Thirty-three Police Chiefs in North Carolina Call on Congress and President to Renew and Strengthen the Federal Assault Weapons Ban. These things just about write themselves: there’s the VPC “1 in 5” lie. Here’s the “lethal spray of bullets” canard. And let’s not forget our old friend, “‘copycat’ assault weapons [that] are functionally identical to those banned by the 1994 law, which is why the ban must also be strengthened.”

So, for all our NC readers, here’s the List of scurrilous traitors concerned law-enforcement professionals who are willing to sell out your rights.

3 Responses to “Does Your Police Chief Support the AWB?”

  1. JohnX Says:

    To me, weapons are something we have to be able to have, just in case our government gets loaded down by gang members and we have to revolt. The British were always real big on taking away weapons from people, and then enslaving them. Too bad people forget shit.

  2. Gunscribe Says:

    Actually I haven’t asked him, judging by the some ordinances he drafted and crammed down the City Councel last year, I would have to assume that Lincoln, Nebraska Police Chief Tom Casady would be in favor of an assault toilet paper ban.

  3. GORDON Says:

    I notice the city and county authorities in which (Marine Base) Camp Lejeune resides are not on that list… yet the Chief of Police in Fayetteville, home of (Army Base) Fort Bragg is.

    How very interesting.

    Well, not really. But still.

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