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Bloomberg is out. I’d imagine he’s feeling pretty small right now. He spent nearly a half a billion dollars to get trounced by an absolute idiot and a communist.

9 Responses to “Good”

  1. Will Brown Says:

    OTOH (and not an original observation on my part, but worth mention NTL), Mini Mike did manage to circumvent the election contributions limit(s) by including the $100 m’s of office space, staff, and advertisement space he has already paid for through the campaign season, along with his paltry 6 delegates, to Joe Biden.

    Nifty trick, that.

  2. FiftycalTX Says:

    And don’t forget that the absolute idiot has brought Mr. “Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15’s, your AK’s” O’Rourke as his anti-gun czar. Of course sleepy Joe may forget he made that comment between now and then.

  3. Joe Says:

    Hell; he got beat 6.5 to 1 in the delegate count by Pete, who had already officially withdrawn!

    Yeah; ol’ Mike can go fuck himself with a chainsaw.

  4. Sigivald Says:

    Contra Will, above, “stuff I used myself for my bid, in the past” IS NOT a “contribution” to another candidate because you dropped out and they got your delegates.

    That’s … just not what the word means? Or how any of that actually works?

    (That’d be like saying donors to Buttigieg “really donated to” whoever his delegates went to.

    That’s not how it works. At all.)

  5. Pat Umaporn Says:

    A comment seen elsewhere:

    Bloomy was not really running for President
    – he was investing in infrastructure
    – to take over the party apparatus from Hillary
    – as the party was bankrupt last time

  6. Ron W Says:

    @FiftycalTX, just a couple of weeks ago, Joe Biden, made a comment about using drone Hellfire missiles against criminalized gun owners who refuse to give up their semi-autos Joe vows to ban. Remember, they criticized Trump for using one against the terrorist Iranian general in Iraq, but when Ol Joe says he’ll use them against American citizens who refuse to give up their Constitutional rights, not a peep of criticism! This is incredible! He may be a bumbling old codger, but he is an evil one!! These supposed liberal Democrats have morphed into authoritarian leftists who want to kill us!


  7. JTC Says:

    “Bloomberg is out.”

    Ya think? Was he ever actually in or did that first half a billion (he budgeted a billion regardless of the nominee) just go to media orgs, commercial locations, and advanced outreach systems to his heir apparent? And can’t the other half of that bil be used to promote the combined ticket of Biden/Bloomberg to avoid limits? Am I wrong? I don’t want to get on the wrong side of a Sig thrashing as was inflicted on Will above, but if not why not?

    I dunno. But I do know you can buy a lot of shit with that much dough.

  8. Will Brown Says:

    Yo, Sigivald:

    This being Uncle’s House and Uncle’s rules, I will limit my reply to your blatant perversion of what I said, and refusal to provide supporting links to bolster your insults, to the link I provided to support my contention and extend my sincerest wishes that you GFY.

  9. John Hardin Says:

    Rats. I was hoping he’d spend *another* half a billion dollars and lose.