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Gettin’ Squibby With It

What happens when you fire 300 blk through a 5.56 barrel? Apparently, this:

4 Responses to “Gettin’ Squibby With It”

  1. B Dubya Says:


    Well, at least we now have a “sure fire” method of necking down a 300 Blackout projectile to 5.56mm by three inches long. A new cottage industry!

    Just change the uppers, they said. Who forgot that the magazines are the same, except for maybe the feed lips?

  2. Robert Evans Says:

    Myself, I’d be inclined to say that one should have either 5.56 OR .300BLK in one’s house, but NOT both.

  3. Critter Says:

    Had a dude at the range blow his AR up with one of these. We managed to find most of the pieces.

  4. Liston Matthews Says:

    For that reason, and knowing that I am susceptible to error, I will pass on the .300BLK. Maybe .350 Legend, or 7.62 x 39 is a better choice. Or 9 x 39?