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Stop touching it

A prosecutor was killed when a gun presented as evidence “went off accidentally”. I’m going to guess someone tried to catch a dropped gun. Don’t do that.

4 Responses to “Stop touching it”

  1. Dave L. Says:

    OK, someone done f***ed up.

    I’m a cop. In my dept, when we package a gun as evidence, it’s unloaded, and either the slide is zip tied open (I usually loop one through the barrel and over the top of the slide, and a second through the ejection port, down the magwell, and around the grip) or the cylinder is zip tied out (I go through the cylinder and around the trigger guard.) The ammo goes in a completely separate package, with the round counted and inventoried.

  2. Tennessee_Ted Says:

    A lot of prosecutors arenít particularly gun savvy. I defended a murder case one time where the prosecutor repeatedly swept the jury with the muzzle of a pistol during closing arguments.

    Fortunately, the gun was secured properly, i.e., the slide was fixed out of battery by a zip tie.

  3. SPQR Says:

    Africa, guys. Africa….

  4. Old 1811 Says:

    I read in another news source that it was a shotgun. So it could have discharged when dropped without human intervention, since so many shotguns aren’t really drop-safe. (The article also stated that someone stands to be charged with negligent homicide for not checking the gun’s status.)