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Yes, next question

Self-Defense Knives: Should You Carry Them?

I carry this one for opening packages. And this one for opening people.

2 Responses to “Yes, next question”

  1. Huck Says:

    I have a Emerson CQC-7 folding Knife with a 3 1/2 inch blade (light grey finish) that I bought in 1998 for a work knife that has done me proud with anything I’ve needed a good knife for and has been my constant companion since then. It shows a lot of wear but it’s still good to go!

  2. ExpatNJ Says:

    Now, THIS is a self-defense knife.

    Paracord wrist knife.
    Concealed blade, easily-accessible, one-handed.
    Wrist band wrapped with multi-use Parachute Cord.
    As demonstrated by the American Warrior Society on “The Best Defense” TV show on ‘The Outdoor Channel’:

    ParaClaw Paracord Survival Bracelet w/ 1.5in Knife Blade

    (full disclosure: I have no financial interest in this product or its advertisers/manufacture/distributors).