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This whole NRA thing gets weirder and weirder

And I’m not certain what to think about all of it. But I’m with Sebastian in that I will still support NRA. Infighting about the one true Scotsman doesn’t help us. Hang together and all that.

What others are saying:

Allen West comes out against the NRA’s current leadership.

NRA accused of not disclosing lobbying fees.

LaPierre’s excesses discussed here and here.

People who don’t like the NRA still don’t like the NRA, surprising no one.

2 Responses to “This whole NRA thing gets weirder and weirder”

  1. JPD Says:

    Heres the bottom line. I am currently a member. No more. This whole mess has shown me that I wasted my money. The NRA was/is a scam. Our enemies are loving every minute of this. The damage done to our rights is massive.

    My money and support will go elsewhere. No more money for Waynes expensive suits.

  2. JTC Says:

    Well it’s not Fakebook, so it’s not about Like/Don’t Like, it’s about hold our Union (which for better or worse is what it is) and its administration accountable and on-task for the members…or deciding to burn it down and build anew. Have to see how that goes.