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I concur

Thoughts on reforming the NRA. It’s a large organization and any reformation will be tedious and lengthy.

I’m still a life member and will still support them because the politics of reality exist and the politics of purity don’t often accomplish much.

6 Responses to “I concur”

  1. Phelps Says:

    It amuses me that the people arguing for pragmatism over purity are the same ones calling to Unperson the Nuge over an issue that had nothing to do with gunrights and just political purity.

  2. Miguel Says:

    I figure somebody would come to flog you for the use of common sense.

  3. JTC Says:

    Like I’ve said, it’s a union.

    Starts out good (and pure).

    Turns into a power/profit machine.

    Max out the politics for 2020, then burn it down and start over.

  4. Miles Says:

    Be careful with that broad brush there Phelps.

    No everyone who I know to be more pragmatic than fundamental cared whether Nuge was on the board or not.

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    Wayne LaPierre could have stepped down, like years ago.

    Maybe he should have gone out on a high note after Heller and Mcdonald? Too late.

    His name is all in the lefty news today.

  6. BC Says:

    I’ve never met a single human who wanted to “Unperson the Nuge.”

    I have met a lot of people who think he’s a loose cannon who represents gun owners poorly, and therefore shouldn’t occupy a public-facing or leadership role in the NRA.