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I’m actually kind of impressed with this.

4 Responses to “Squibsssssssssssssssssssss”

  1. SPQR Says:

    That’s the textbook definition of clueless.

  2. Tasso Rampante Says:

    Muzzle velocity was low but the group size was pretty good.

  3. Phelps Says:

    He knew what he had done when he took it apart to clean it.

    Hes not clueless. Hes just an asshole.

  4. emdfl Says:

    Walked into my gunsmith’s shop one day while the crew was involved in removing six jacketed-soft-point projectiles by driving them back down the barrel of a .454 Ruger Redhawk. No visual damage to the pistol but they were going to send it back to Ruger to be chacked.
    I got tired trying to figure out how you could shoot a .454 six times and not notice that nothing was coming out of the barrel.