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Now that they don’t control the house

Mike Lee proposes the hearing protection act.

4 Responses to “Now that they don’t control the house”

  1. Dave Says:

    Doing it while in power would require spending political capital on an issue they don’t care about to impress voters they don’t care about.

    Now they can claim to be the scrappy losers fighting the good fight to prop up their 2A cred for re-election time. No actual results required, and they can still shake their fist at the sky when the Dems kill it in committee.

  2. mikee Says:

    Senator John McCain and Senator Susan Collins, and probably a handful of others, would have decided not to support this back when Repubs had the House. And Speaker Ryan also did not support it, either.

    Anyone asked Dan Crenshaw what he thinks of this bill?

  3. Joe Says:

    Its all grandstanding and posturing for the idiots who continue to believe that these clowns are actually on our side.

  4. Lyle Says:

    If liberty were to somehow make it on the ballot for a national election (but it won’t), would it not be voted down handily? But it doesn’t matter at this stage;

    If liberty were to somehow make it on the ballot in a national election (but it won’t) and if it were somehow to win (but it wouldn’t) then the politos, in all parties, would rally against it and never tolerate its actual implementation. They’d start a world war if necessary, murdering billions (actually a pipe dream among hard-core leftists), before letting any such thing happen, for it would be the end of everything they, and generations of authoritarians before them, ever dreamed of.

    The criminal alliance is so close to the Final Implementation of their global authoritarian/totalitarian system right now, they can already taste it– They’re not going to let a puny little thing like truth, justice, righteousness, God’s Commandments, respect for life, much less the will of the People, and certainly not the U.S. constitution, get in their way.

    We’re seeing the final push. It’s taken centuries, millennia even, to get them to this point; why give it all up now?

    No, Young Grasshopper; they’ll play it any way they need to, and right now they don’t need you or me for jack shit.

    We’re only spectators, with the illusion of participation in a system which is hell-bent-for-leather authoritarian and most specifically and pointedly anti-libertarian. Do you even want to be a part of that system, or would you rather be counted as separate from it?