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The Yeti situation

Yeti reportedly pulled their relationship with the NRA. Yeti says it was an outdated program and they support the second amendment. A former NRA president says that Yeti demanded the NRA cease using the cooler companys logo after the Parkland school shooting.

Naturally, a lot of people are posting videos of them destroying their Yeti stuff.

I prefer the Orca brand of coolers anyway. They even have an NRA model. That’s because, as I have said before, Orca is made in the USA (Tennessee, actually), they have a lifetime warranty, and the dimensions they give are the interior not exterior of the cooler.

And you can get them at Amazon.

12 Responses to “The Yeti situation”

  1. Huck Says:

    I find Yeti to be hypocritical when Yeti states that they support the second amendment then climb onto the anti-NRA bandwagon.

    I have a Yeti ice chest that I got about 2 years ago. I’m not going to destroy it like I’ve heard about other NRA members doing, but I damn sure will never buy anymore Yeti products.

    BTW, Grizzly ice chests are just as good as Yetis but they don’t cost as much. Something that I didn’t find out until after I bought the Yeti.

  2. LKP Says:

    Even the women at my fitness center were talking about this. Because of the timing, no one is buying Yeti’s story.

  3. Poobie Says:

    While I appreciate that orca makes their stuff in the US, Iím awfully tempted by the monoprice in-house brand. Iíve been really happy with their stuff in the past.

  4. Ravenwood Says:

    We have both Yeti and RTIC and they are pretty much the same design, but the Yeti’s are overpriced.

    Regardless, both are heavy and a pain to move when full of frosty beverages. Great for use at the beach tho.

  5. KG2V Says:

    Don’t destroy your Yeti – doesn’t hurt the company
    SELL it, cheap! This kills part of the market for new Yeti coolers, and decreases demand, hurting the company’s bottom line

  6. SPQR Says:

    Pelican has a sale for NRA members on their coolers.

  7. Gary L Griffiths Says:

    Best idea I’ve seen yet: Instead of destroying your expensive Yeti, gaining you nothing, put it up for sale at a ridiculously low price on e-bay. You’ll get something back, and foil a potential new Yeti purchase, cutting into Yeti’s bottom line!

  8. ExpatNJ Says:

    When Yeti first came out, I considered purchasing one for a perpper/SHTF=type situation. Considering the anti-2A stance the company too, I am Soooo glad I waited!

    It will be a cold day in hell if I ever buy a Yeti.

  9. Geoff Says:

    5 day ice challenge.
    ORCA wins.

  10. RWE Says:

    All I can say is Go Orca!

  11. mikee Says:

    My 1985 craptastic Igloo Playmate cooler, with the top that acts fine as a finger guillotine but does NOT insulate, won’t die. It has been from the Pacific shores of southern Mexico to the Canadian border, and it just won’t break.

  12. Will Says:

    A year ago, their store was marked as “no carry, open or concealed”. They claimed it was due to an attached bar, which turned out to not be the case, legally. NRA had to lean on them to fix the problem. They’re located in Austin, which tends to be Leftist.