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This seems inherent in the left

They just don’t understand numbers.

3 Responses to “This seems inherent in the left”

  1. Lyle Says:

    They don’t want to understand, because the numbers so often counter the narrative. Since numbers counter the narrative, math is, ipso facto, a weapon of oppression wielded by white patriarchs. Ergo, math is racist and misogynist. Ergo, black people and women should not study math. Ergo, they are relegating black people and women to the lower status of the old stereotypes. QED. Itís easy, once youíve had an eye on the patterns of behavior for a while.

    Thus we see that the old, early 20th Century Progressive/Eugenicist thinking is alive and well. An understanding of the scientific process, and of mathematics, is liberating also, and therefore such learning must be minimalized in society. That is the role of public education, as described in detail by Woodrow Wilson back when he was President at Princeton University (1902 Ė 1910).

  2. Cannoneer2 Says:

    Overall, I agree, but aren’t the civilian vs WWII numbers off by a factor of ten?

  3. treefroggy Says:

    Numbers , like math , are racist , bigoted , homophopic and cis-normative . The New York Times says so .