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About that Trump slump

“Trump Slump” a Myth as NICS Background Checks Soar

6 Responses to “About that Trump slump”

  1. JTC Says:

    No doubt some hurricane effect as folks got a taste of TEOTWAWKI, but mostly bargain hunting as makers, warehousers and retailers draw down the inventory in the pipeline…LE6920’s with extras for under 800 and good starter AR’s in the 400’s for instance.

    You know how bulbs burn brightest before they burn out? Not quite like that, but the butt of the bubble no doubt. Prices tell the tale of supply/demand. Always follow the money.

  2. Tim Says:

    Buying hand-over-fist, b!tches. Sometime multiple on a single NICS check.

    *These* are the ‘good old days’ of firearm ownership. Don’t miss it.

  3. JTC Says:

    Most here know this but for them that don’t, DON’T buy handguns (and in some cases long guns) such as to trigger multiple sale reports. Of course we all believe that all 4473’s & NICS are defacto registration, but multiple reports are pure FACT registration and WILL trigger trackbacks.

    As an almost 40-year former FFL I try to support my brothers-of-arms and do make some on-record buys to keep some of them strong (absolutely many won’t survive post-boom and the shakeout is underway at every level), but whenever the right private deal on the right hardware comes along I pull the trigger so to speak. Either way, absolutely take advantage of the over-supply and under-price (in many cases under cost) in the market right now, and don’t forget extra mags and food for them.

  4. beatbox Says:

    One month does not a fiscal year make. Nics are down 10% for the year, and every public gun business has had a crappy few quarters.

  5. Jay Eimer Says:

    Beatbox you are correct – except – while we’re still not on pace to beat ’16, we ARE on pace to be the 2nd highest year ever. That’s bad news if your a manufacturer with a full warehouse (and I remember 2012 when warehouses were empty with every gun made shipped the same day). And it’s worse news if you’re a small retailer with too much stock in ARs purchased before Nov (because now they wholesale for half what you paid and at retail you can’t break even). But 2nd highest all time is still 2nd highest all time.

  6. beatbox Says:

    @Jay, oh I agree with that. We will still be likely above 2015. But as it affects businesses,whether because of inventory or stockholder pressure, it is a down year.