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Happy ending

A burglar shot by his partner in crime:

Young was trying to carry out a big screen TV and dropped it when the woman yelled at the men and they started to run.

The other man fired a gun back toward the house and hit Young, Davis said.

3 Responses to “Happy ending”

  1. rd Says:

    The dead burglar was out on parole. I wonder how many other crimes he committed while on parole for ten months. The good news is he will no longer be a recidivist.

  2. mikee Says:

    I’m wondering if the partner in crime wasn’t shooting Mr. Young intentionally for bringing him along on a botched robbery. After all, the partner in crime didn’t continue shooting until the homeowner was hit, too. Honor among thieves isn’t all that strong an ideal.

    Then again, there is the issue of the partner going “Blood Simple,” wherein some people don’t think very clearly when in the presence of violence, even their own.

  3. MajMike Says:

    Occupational hazard.