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Purity test

I waited until the dust seemed to settle on this one. But a pro gun guy said something that seemed dumb, likely due to editing from Comedy Central. The internet lynch mob kicked in. Tam is correct. Everyone should, right after one of these things happens, cool their shit and find out what happened before grabbing the pitchforks and torches.

Good advice from Sebastian:

So for Christs sake, for the dozenth or so time: dont talk to the fucking media or Comedy Central. They are snakes with cameras and editing rooms. They will make you look bad. No you cant beat them at this game

11 Responses to “Purity test”

  1. HL Says:

    Why would any conservative or libertarian watch Comedy Central? You’re paying them mock you to your face.

  2. JFM Says:

    This doesn’t bother me. Aren’t we allowed to have different opinions? In my opinion he was an idiot to have talked to any media.

  3. McThag Says:

    I’m getting a mite sick of being told when I should be offended and when I shouldn’t when someone is out there being offensive to me.

  4. JTC Says:

    Not deserving of the full *Zumbo, but he did say he supports a waiting period, aka another reason for buying private instead of from an ffl. Not only wrong in principle but stupid in effect. And stupid of him to support it and say it in that or any context or forum.

    *Tamara’s participation in that lynching by virtue of this:

    “Last night a well known gun writer, apparently tired of his successful 30 year career, put his keyboard in his mouth and pulled the trigger.”

    Or something like that. That blurb was about the first I had read of her and regardless of everything else still stands out as one of the most poignant and brilliant lines ever written, imo.

  5. Alien Says:

    Sebastian has been preaching that for quite a while, it’s long past time to follow his advice. The media doesn’t just work for The Other Team, the media is The Other Team.

    Which raises the question of why do conservatives allow Lefties to own and control all media, and hence all the messaging. Glenn Reynolds has long advocated center and center-right ownership of women’s and teen magazines as a means of redirecting the message.

    Maybe when CNN goes under the Heritage Foundation can buy it for a couple bucks, replace all the staff and build something worthwhile with the pieces.

  6. Seerak Says:

    Two things:

    First, I could actually beat them at that game. I have knowledge and means to shoot all my own video at an interview and do my own edit. They’d likely never acquiesce to me doing that though. Would be interesting to see what they’d say if a potential rub- er, subject up and asked to have their own crew there shooting every word so they can do their own edit.

    Second: Tam at the end lists a bunch of counter-proposals she’d actually trade for her own UBC idea. Why aren’t gun advocates doing that more – i.e. having a shopping list of things to gain? Or to put it another way, start asking for some cake back?

  7. McThag Says:

    Why aren’t we doing more?

    Why aren’t we compromising is what that asks.

    Mostly because there’s a proven history that compromise doesn’t work.

    What happens is “we give you A for B” then it gets to the floor and A is stripped and we have to kill it to avoid B. We’re then painted as uncompromising and inflexible.

    Or we’re told that while the bill we got doesn’t get us everything we want, and has some real crap in it, we’ll be able to go back in and fix it later. Then they never revisit it. FOPA anyone?

    FOPA is a good example. We got good stuff with that law. We also got a bat taken to the NFA.

  8. Gerry Says:

    The editor controls the content. He never stood a chance.

    I was sent to a class on how to talk to the media. The Two ladies who taught the class were experts and basically said you will have 8 seconds to get your point across in a 2 minute story. Never get off your message or that is what will end up being displayed.

    After the class I decided never talk to the media

  9. JTC Says:

    Did they edit, alter, cut, snip, and rearrange?

    Of course, that’s what fake news is made of.

    But apparently editing had nothing to do with this:

    “Do you support a 3-day waiting period?”


    Fuck that, fuck him, and fuck anyone who suggests trading one restriction for another. Try to make a “reasonable, common sense” deal with the devil and the devil will end up owning your soul lock stock and barrel, as it were.

    The only thing that works is what has been working; power, money, and the destruction of any and all who would restrict what God and the framers gave us.

  10. Ellen Says:

    I was interviewed by an Official once, and he was shoving words into my mouth faster than I could spit them out. So I called a hold, and went off to get my tape recorder, and continued only after it was on the table and working. But you can’t do that with TV or radio.

    A week or so later, his boss came by asking why I had done that. (Apparently it doesn’t often happen.) I told him.

  11. Jay Dee Says:

    My father-in-law was pursued by the media after witnessing a robbery. He dutifully made his report to the police but told the reporter, “I don’t talk to parasites.”