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I never knew they went away

How Bill Clinton Brought Back the 1911 Pistol. Interesting.

Also, under the AWB, we got the baby Glocks. Since you couldn’t get shiny new 17 round magazines, Glock made a version of the gun smaller and that held 10 rounds.

2 Responses to “I never knew they went away”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Yeah, there was ample talk during the 1990s about that; if you could only have ten or fewer rounds, they may as well be larger ones, or your gun may as well be smaller and more concealable. I do believe that that period in history, with the Clintons and the ’94 ban, led to more new gun owners and more new pro second amendment activists than is even now appreciated.

    That tactic of Progressive revolution can only go so far. It’s taken them over 100 years to get to this point, and while they’ve made tremendous headway, their incremental system results in diminishing returns. They have to go full-on batshit at some point to seal the deal, and unless they pounce at the right moment with the martial law and all the usual Marxist brutality, the People will eventually say enough crazy is bloody well enough.

    They’ll never give up though, unless they’re convinced that it’s hopeless (look what it took to stop the Nazis, for example). What’s THAT going to take? And what’ll they do next, in the meantime?

  2. Drake Says:

    That phenomenon is still going on in some state. NJ has a 15-round limit. So, i’ll be buying a Beretta Storm compact with 15-rnd mags instead of buying the full-sized Storm or M9 then trying to figure out how to get smaller mags.