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3D Printed Glock

Well, the frame. It shoots but I wonder for how long.

4 Responses to “3D Printed Glock”

  1. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    Long enough to get another gun?

  2. SouthernKahrCarrier Says:

    Not sure how long it will last, but the first flight by the Wright brothers only lasted 59 seconds. Improvements are sure to follow.

  3. mikee Says:

    The concept is good. The utility is clear.
    It isn’t the 500th round from such a gun that is of interest, it is the first round.

    The purpose of a 3D printed gun is to enable one or more shots without the necessity of involving a gun manufacturer.

    Tam’s ideal of buying a disposable handgun in a blister pack at the Walmart, like a Bic lighter, is an ideal to hope for, but on the way, printing a gun that will shoot 1 to X rounds reliably isn’t bad.

  4. Bill Twist Says:

    If it cracks after a few dozen rounds, you can always make another one! Have several on hand.