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The party of smaller government

A look at Rubio’s gun bill.

I’m not to keen on more lists of people and qualifiers to make one a prohibited person. On its surface, I don’t think this is a good bill. But we must do something. This is something. So, it must be done.

5 Responses to “The party of smaller government”

  1. boxty Says:

    Little Marco Roboto got clobbered in the primaries and this is the lesson he got from that beating?

  2. Sean D Sorrentino Says:

    Sorry, Uncle, but you’re wrong on this one. This is a great move on his part. It offers the lying shitweasel Dems everything they *say* they want without giving them anything they *actually* want.

    They say they want to ban terrorists from buying guns. This would do it. It gives the AG the power to prove, in court, that a person is a terrorist, and stop him from buying a gun. I’m totally cool with this. Who wouldn’t be? And they only get three days to get the paperwork in. And if they fail in court, they have to pay ALL reasonable attorney fees and costs. So you know that every ambulance chasing dickhead in the nation will show up to defend the little terrorist jerk. Or me, if it’s me.

    But the shitweasel Dems can’t just randomly declare that every person who buys a “Don’t Step on Snek” flag is a terrorist and make them fight to get their rights back.

    This is why Rubio’s opponent is screaming about this like someone just raped him with a running chainsaw. He realized that they just got outmaneuvered. They just got fucked over.

    “Oh, you want to ban terrorists? Here you go. ACLU would buy in on this process. Why are you angry? It’s everything you SAID you wanted?”

    But gun owners are too busy screaming “MUH RAHTS!” instead of finding new and interesting ways to screw over our enemies. You don’t fight the battle on the ground your enemy has chosen for you. You pick the ground yourself and force him to fight on your ground, at the time of your choosing. And then you beat his ass.

  3. Fred Says:

    “Consolidate all federal terrorism investigation intelligence under the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), strengthening the FBIs capabilities and helping ensure dangerous individuals do not fall through the cracks.”

    We are at war. Islam has declared war on you. It declares that it will kill you, rape your women, kill or convert your sons, and subjugate your daughters into sex slavery and you want to investigate it for a fucking crime? Fuck you rubio. The day is coming when motherfucker’s like this will swing from the lampposts.

  4. Fred Says:

    Sean D Sorrentino is “totally cool with this”. And another super know it all gun blogger want’s to fight a fucking shooting war in the us kangaroo courts of the totally corrupt criminal justice system that just let a treasonous felon off the hook to run for president. You can’t make up that level of stupid. Fuck, I woke up in the twilight zone today I guess.

    Can nobody think critically anymore? A declared war is not a crime, it’s a war. I guess if they show enough blue lights flashing and point to the “law” every single day over every single medium the brainwashing takes hold. Listen real good; islam did not declare crime against you.

  5. 1 With A Bullet Says:

    Ken Blanchard calls it a Trojan Horse that will be used against gun owners.

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