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What if they passed a law and no one followed it?

That’s what’s happening in Washington.

3 Responses to “What if they passed a law and no one followed it?”

  1. Phelps Says:

    They did it a while ago, too, with another law. Remember when you had to buy a license to use a CB radio? And by “had” I mean that is what the law said, not what anybody did. Eventually the FCC used non-compliance as a reason to strike down the rule and no longer require (or even issue) licenses.

    (There is speculation that they are doing the same thing, intentionally, with GMRS — the little radios you buy at Cabelas or Walmart).

  2. Fred Says:

    What if .gov has lost all credibility and has no moral authority? Would you follow a man like that?

  3. Stuart the Viking Says:

    In the Marines, we are told to never issue an order that we KNOW is not going to be obeyed. To do so would be to undermine your own authority.

    It appears that that lesson was forgotten under the hypnotic visage of Bloomberg money.