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He who controls the bureaucracy

OSHA is going after ammo manufacturers. Seems they want them labeled because ammo is a “chemical container”. Much more at the link.

12 Responses to “He who controls the bureaucracy”

  1. JTC Says:

    “He who controls the bureaucracy”

    We can all be glad zero didn’t discover a lot sooner that wasting years and millions trying to deny the Constitution and the will of the people was all for naught, when a little twisting and creative interpretation of the laws of the land and the peoples’ own enforcement agencies could accomplish so much so fast. Hey, we don’t need no steenkin’ legislation and judicial branches!

    Backdoor gun control…oh, and SD3? It’s true in both the adult sense and your juvenile one. We better hope to God his heir apparent won’t be in a position to further exploit his evil epiphany.

  2. Jailer Says:

    Well since they are suggestions and not regulations how bout they tell OSHA to go fuck themselves?

  3. Old NFO Says:

    This is getting *&^#% ridiculous…

  4. JTC Says:

    Moral of the story: stockpile more ammo…

    For efficiency and economy due to sheer ubiquity I prefer .22, .223, 9mm and 12ga. Most bang for the buck as it were, and usable across many platforms.

    Might have to enlarge the saferoom though.

  5. JK Brown Says:

    Finally, we still have to speak of interventionism. According to a widespread opinion, there is, midway between socialism and capitalism, a third possibility of social organization: the system of private property regulated, controlled, and guided by isolated authoritarian decrees (acts of intervention).

    Mises, Ludwig von (2010-12-10). Liberalism (p. 63). Ludwig von Mises Institute. Kindle Edition.

  6. Fred Says:

    JK, But all government seeks more power always. So any “midway” is just a way point on the road to despotism.

    22LR…same as cash, all day long.

  7. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Fred: I remember when I could buy 500 22LRs for $20… or a box of 100 CCI Mini-Mags for $7. Guess I should have stocked up then…

  8. Waher Says:

    Total metal jacket bullet (protect the base from vaporization) + heavy metal free primer = no lead at the firing line or handling spent casings.

    More manufacturers are moving to make this a standard the past few years. I always assumed this was a preemptive move against the EPA/OSHA/lawsuits/health concerns.

  9. emdfl Says:

    Heck I’ve got a couple of five packs of CCI that are marked $1.50/100. And I remember buy 500 round bricks for $6.95 and $7.95. And 7.62X39 was $69.00/1000… + shipping.

  10. JTC Says:

    And a crate of ten -or was it twelve?- Norinco SKS’s slathered in an inch-thick layer of axle grease was $690, now about $350 ea. on g-broker…we call this process sociocapitalism.

  11. Lyle Says:

    Wait; did OSHA hire Lois Lerner?

    Progressives should be careful what they wish for. If they poke hard enough they just may get our bullets. At 3K f.p.s.

  12. Chris Says:

    I wonder if they’re being as zealous about shots for powder actuated tools. Then again, they don’t care about the actual well-being of construction workers immigrants, they only want the votes.

    Unrelated, but there’s nothing like managing a union jobsite to turn a Democrat into a conservative.