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Flashlight blogging

Tam notes a way to improve a Surefife.

Sebastian wants a light he can completely operate with one hand.

I’ve got a few old school Surefire G2s that I keep on hand for work use. I like them fine. I also still dig the Lifegear four pack. The large light is good for lighting up a street. But not sized right for EDC, IMO.

8 Responses to “Flashlight blogging”

  1. JTC Says:

    “Surefife, ruggedest pocket flute on the market.” 🙂

  2. Sebastian Says:

    Hey, cause the other can could have a gun in it! Yeah, that’s the ticket. I mean a gun gun, you know. Literally. Not the other kind.

  3. Daniel Ortiz Says:

    My first EDC flashlight was the Streamlight Pro-Tac 2L. I think it’s 260 lumens, around 4″ long and 3/4″ diameter. I find it to be a good balance of light and size.

  4. Mike V. Says:

    Its not as bright as some but I have a Surefire Aviator. Slight pressure activates the low power navigation less, harder pressure activates the white light. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t use a similar system on Tam’s light.

  5. Beaumont Says:

    My current EDC light is a Zebralight SC52w, and the one I like best of all I’ve carried. 280 lumens on High, one one AA battery. And actually pocket-sized.

  6. Beaumont Says:

    OK, that should have read “ON one AA”.

  7. JohnnyIShootStuff Says:

    I just stick with my cheap china Sipik lights. Lose one, I don’t care. Break one, I don’t care. Need one, I’ll give you one, I don’t care. They’re cheap, bright, hold up well, used AA batteries, and I have a bunch of them all over the house and in each vehicle.

    I’m done buying $60 lights that break when dropped, need a special battery, or are just slightly brighter than some china special that’s just $6.

  8. poobie Says:

    I’m a big fan of CountyComm’s AAA light for EDC. It just disappears in your pocket, and it’s reasonably inexpensive. it’s not the brightest light I own, but 140 lumens for an hour on one AAA is good enough for most of my flashlight needs.

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