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Umarex BB guns

I’ve never been to a show and said to someone “Shut up and take my money”. Until now. Strolling through the NRA AM show floor, I saw the Umarex booth. I vaguely remembered that they made a MP5 clone in 22LR, that it kind of sucked and they got sued over it. But I saw handguns. Really nice looking handguns. And I saw this:


It’s a Colt Peacemaker that shoots BBs. And it felt awesome. It’s the same weight and feel as an actual gun. You even eject the shells and load the BBs in the rear of them to insert into the cylinder:


I told the rep there that I would take one right now. Unfortunately, they weren’t selling them at the show. I asked them why, since they weren’t firearms and the guy responded with he wasn’t sure why. My guess is the guns looked real enough that someone thought it wasn’t a good idea, especially since they make other BB guns that really look and feel like actual guns. Here’s their promo video for it:

Seems they’ve figured out licensing and making really nice BB gun clones. They had other offerings that were pretty damn cool as well:






Broom Handle Mauser, with bonus points for being full auto.

I need to check out their rifles too. I’ve heard the full auto ARs are a blast, but I didn’t check them out.

9 Responses to “Umarex BB guns”

  1. Jim Brack Says:

    When the grandkids come over, I go through a bunch of co2 cartridges. I have the same brand in Glock and a P38. Well built and good fun.

    Pop Pop has an Air Arms TX200 w/ walnut stock and a Leuopold 6.5x20efr in .22cal. Shoot like a lazer beam, head shots at 50 yds. Shooting off the back deck with a Caldwell stable table.

    Helps take the sting out of the ammo shortage. :o)

  2. Emile Says:

    These are really popular in places like the UK & Japan where legal firearm ownership, especially handguns, is greatly restricted.

    When people can’t legally own something that they have a great interest in they seek out the next best thing.

  3. Mike Says:

    Pellet guns with rifled barrels can be quite accurate, but smoothbore BB guns usually are not. That’s the only thing that’s held me back because some of these replica guns are amazing. There’s a Webley MkVI out now that even breaks open like the originals.

  4. DocMerlin Says:


  5. BlogDog Says:

    DocMerlin, you want a cat? 😉

  6. JTC Says:

    They do good work and I have a M&P 9 that I use as a decoy in my shop (BG thinks the piece in the Uncle Mike sausage sack on the shelf behind the counter is my real defense and goes for it or gets between me and it to do his thing and he’s in for a surprise).

    And that’s a beautiful knockoff gun but still, playing Wyatt Earp with trigger finger in the PFFT! switch guard is bad form and an especially bad idea in a promo vid.

  7. tokarev Says:

    Oh, yeah! I coonfingered those today as well. That Webley was real nice. I’m really looking hard at their Walther Terrus in .22.

  8. JTC Says:

    Out of stock on the Peacemaker, Unc. Try to wheedle the sample out of ’em if it’s not too late, and tell ’em you’ll do a full review on one of the most popular gunnie blogs out there, maybe a freebie?

  9. Sigivald Says:

    If only there was a way to make a refillable compressed air pistol, sensibly…