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Making the Colt Factory a national park

Except that Colt has nothing to do with it:

As a decade-long push to make a national park out of Samuel Coltís 19th-century gun factory won approval, elected officials hailed the project as a way to boost one of Hartfordís poorest neighborhoods and honor the revolver as a marvel of manufacturing. Notably absent from the celebrating was Coltís Manufacturing Co., as it and other gun makers say a strict gun control law has left them feeling unwelcome in the state.

10 Responses to “Making the Colt Factory a national park”

  1. Gustov Says:

    This deal speaks volumes about how out touch Connecticut officials are. All Hartford neighborhoods are in credibly poor thanks to Connecticut’s outrageous regulations and the highest taxes in the country. If Sam Colt were still around, he’d pack up and be out of here in a heartbeat.

  2. Burnt Toast Says:

    It’ll be like a Jewish folk village in Arabia.

  3. bob r Says:

    A *gun* factory as a National Park? Wouldn’t that make it “illegal” to posses a gun in the *gun* factory?

  4. John Says:

    Bob, national parks allow the same stuff you have a right to in state parks. In Connecticut, that maybe ain’t much. But in free states, national parks are no longer no go zones.

  5. comatus Says:

    The Armory at Springfield in no-gun Mass is a National Historical Site. And Frankford, inside no-gun Philadelphia, would have been too, if Carter/Mondale had kept their word.

  6. CAptDMO Says:

    So do they still have that “decoy” onion dome?

  7. mikee Says:

    The CT legislators want to make guns a historical oddity. This would fit as a part of their plan.

  8. Old NFO Says:

    +1 on Mikee… sigh

  9. KM Says:

    Sounds like the perfect time for Colt’s to say adios to the unions and leave the state!

  10. skidmark Says:

    So if I understand this correctly, Congress has made a National Park out of a National Historic District that contains all sorts of privately owned property including an apartment/commercial retail combination inhabiting the old factory building. The Church of the Good Shepard appears to be an active Episcopalian church. There are folks living in the homes Colt built for its employees. Are they going to be kicking people out?

    Or are the folks living “inside” the National Park going to get screwed like (clostest to me) the few folks who did not sell out to Shennandoah National Park – blocked from using roads in winter because the park closed them to tourist traffic, prevented from conducting home-based busineses that would be permitted if they lived outside the park boundaries, and the like?

    The autorization bill creates joint jurisdiction between NPS Poloce and city cops. Have you ever seen the conflicts that take place in DC betyween the sundry cop organizations over in whose territory a crime took place? Makes post-WWI Balkan states look stable!

    stay safe.