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There are two types of tea


27 Responses to “There are two types of tea”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    I approve of this message.

  2. JTC Says:

    Servers that bring unsweet tea and sugar packets to our restaurant table seem surprised when the table is empty when they come back. Do they not know what Southern means?

  3. Fiftycal Says:

    What are you talking about? I’m a native TEXAN and I’ll have my tea unsweet thank you very much. Who knows how much “sweet” the Big Food puts in tea? Why they might even use “high fructose corn syrup” that causes cows to abort and threatens the environment like Owlgore sez. I’ll sweeten mine with the old stand-by SWEET N LOW.

  4. Dwight Brown Says:

    Wanting to control how my tea tastes and what gets put in it is the very definition of “American”.

  5. JTC Says:

    Any Real Southern American(tm) knows you hafta sweeten while still hot…by Big Mama, not Big Food. Dang, ya’ll.

  6. Ron W Says:

    Born and raised on sweet tea in Tennessee, but I stick to unsweet. At 63, gotta reduce the simple carbs and especially the vile HFCS. Try to maintain health and strength to fight the good fight if things “go south” in a bad way…the M1A ain’t the lightest rifle.

  7. KM Says:

    You guys know that HFCS is just sugar right?
    Fructose vs sucrose. Your body doesn’t know the difference…it’s the same as far as your cells care.

  8. Huck Says:

    Anyone who sweetens their tea most likely uses CREAMER in their coffee too! Now THAT’S Un-American! πŸ™‚

  9. Paul Kisling Says:

    Yeah its all the same. Just like all Thalidomide is the same.. The ignorance concerning chemistry astounds me.
    The HFCS crowd likes to go around saying its all just sugar. Apparently not even the FDA with all the money it gets from the big corn lobby buys into that line of bullshit!

    How do I know there is a difference? Well because I go into anaphylactic shock induced respiratory failure when I consume HFCS and do not when I consume real sugar. Nothing like taking 15 minutes to Suffocate to death this way. Feels like a chest full of cracked ribs. Luckily its only happened 17 times in the last 5 years, not like when I was a kid.

    For a real nightmare picture how careful I have to be with what I eat..for which I would love to thank the subsidized assholes that are Big Corn and the yes men who say their version of ‘sugar’ is safe.

  10. Crawler Says:

    Sweet Tea tastes like medicine to me. Color me un-sweet…with lemon.

  11. Akatsukami Says:

    Paul, is there a evident reason why you are allergic to ingested fructose but not the fructose hydrolyzed from sucrose by digestion?

  12. MJM Says:

    Wow. I was gonna just call iced-tea the “national drink of the South” but the conversation got serious!

  13. Rich Says:

    And I’ll bet you put beans in your chili too.

  14. Paul Kisling Says:

    It is a heredity factor in my ethnic lines(Romani). My father and all his siblings have trouble with HFCS and avoid it. All of my cousins have it and their kids too. I just ended up with a really bad case. My siblings have it but can get away with just hives, rashes and general discomfort like most of the family does.
    My nephew who is two almost 2 projectile vomits the offending item and blood when he consumes a fairly large dose of HFCS containing food or drinks.

    Perhaps the oddest thing is that the trait is passed on regardless on whether both parents are Romani to both girls and boys. The only variation in the trait is the intensity.

    My mother is Romanichal/Vlax and my father is Vlax.

    My nephew, my brother’s kid has a Dominican mother.

    Of course Romani have a lot of odd traits that are passed down. Like the odd coloured eyes.

  15. JTC Says:

    “odd coloured eyes…” and a predilection for larceny?

    Sorry, it begged to be said. And while just a caricature profile like most, the Carolina Travelers have done their best over the years to convince me of its accuracy.

  16. SayUncle Says:

    You guys know that HFCS is just sugar right?

    Fructose vs sucrose. Your body doesn’t know the difference

    My tastes buds do.

  17. EricF in Tucson Says:

    Why not a large Hydro Flask of home-brewed iced Yerba mate each morning to bring along during the day? It’s what South America drinks instead of coffee or tea. Brewed with an optional pinch of Stevia leaves. Light caffeine without the crash, and avoids the sugar/HFCS completely. My BMI went from 31 to 22 with a low-glycemic-load diet and some determination but that’s another topic. If you’re new to making it don’t boil it- it ruins it. Cold brew, or up to 70 degrees Celsius provides the same flavor from less mate.

    Proud American but that doesn’t mean we’ve got the best solution for everything.

  18. Tirno Says:

    @EricF, the best solution is always American. Even if we haven’t figured it out yet, when we do find it, it’s gonna be as American as apple pie and bald eagles and fried rice and bikinis and sushi and wine and beer and barbeque and pizza and 1911s.

  19. Flight-ER-Doc Says:

    Tea is simply a cold delivery liquid for lemon – and anyone who calls me un’merriun will get some spit into their eye.

  20. staghounds Says:

    Cold tea is… odd.

  21. Patrick Says:

    Earl Grey. Plain and brewed strong enough for an English bricklayer.

    The official drink of “The Original Tea Party”.

  22. Yj Says:

    Diabetes is an American tradition.

  23. JTC Says:

    Ironic to call cold tea odd when one’s national preference is salt-water tea. πŸ˜‰

  24. A.B Prosper Says:

    Heh. I’m smiling right now.

    Sweet tea is only known in the South really. I like it quite a bit but I’ve Southern antecedents.

    Th rest of the country doesn’t drink it.

    Amusing side note, the 1st time I was exposed to sweet tea was in Colorado but my host was a Southerner.

    And Yj , you can use Sweet N’ Low in Sweet Tea, essentially zero calories.

  25. mikee Says:

    Y’all’s arguments about sugar is quite presumptuous, considering you haven’t yet settled, let alone mentioned, the Luzianne vs Lipton debate.

  26. Patrick Says:

    Luzianne versus Lipton? Really?

    What kind of savages drinks tea from bags?

    Loose leaf, fresh off a steamer ship from the East Indies…err…I mean, fresh out of a vac seal bag from Teavanna.


  27. Will Says:


    Hope you like/can handle Aspartame. When the patent ran out on it, Sweet-N-Low started making their own version. They have contaminated their entire production line with that junk. Same problem with the copys of St-N-Low, they are also contaminated. I suspect they may all be the same company.

    Fact is, any company that uses Aspartame in a no-sugar version of their regular food product, is contaminating the normal version with it. I suspect that they don’t bother to clean between production runs.

    Nasty stuff if you have an allergy to it. You lose the skin from hands and feet. Took 18 months before the CHP could get an acceptable set of fingerprints. Took about 18 years of that stuff being on the market before a relative figured out what we were reacting to.

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