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More cops like this please

The man’s got a point, or 30:

9 Responses to “More cops like this please”

  1. mariner Says:

    I hope this goes viral.

  2. Lyle Says:

    First rate message! He’ll go far if he can control his emotions. Yes; more of this, please.

    And by all means, let the anti rights legislators stack up at my and my neighbors’ doors, on point. We can get them all at once that way, then we can get on with minding our own business rather than having some flabby scumbags trying to mind it for us.

  3. cheezy Says:

    I wish someone with money and influence would have the courage to put this on the news,unfortunately ny is a blue state, and i worry that cuomo will get reelected this november and pass safe act #2,safe act was just the beginning in ny under cuomo.i hope every officer, citizen whom supports the constitution,and soilder,hunter,along with every friend and family member who knows what this fight means VOTES him out. That would send a clear voice people we need to vote in ny and everywher we need to get unified and vote vote vote from now on ,hopefully there will be a lot of blue hunters and jewish whom get on board to support the repeal of cuomo and safe act!!

  4. The_Jack Says:

    Cheezy… given the SAFE act is New York’s *second* assault weapons ban…

    And they’re already clamoring for a third…

    As someone who left New York 7 years ago, you have my sympathies.

  5. Jim W Says:

    This already went viral and the SAFE act already passed.

  6. CHEEZY Says:

    Thanks Jack, Im looking for a state myself to start living more free than this crappy ass overly regulated bs of a state myself,working on paying off debt, but im thinking i wont be here more than 2-3 yrs myself.thinking mid west ,montana,idaho,missouri,maybe kentucky ,or tennesee.i’m very happy that you were able to find freedom my friend,the things listed in safe act#2 is worst case scenerio other than confiscation ,micro stamping,no lead ammo,reloaders registration, registration of all firearms ,100 dollar tax on each firearm owned for every year you own it etc etc etc, if he wins i will leave whatever the sacrifice

  7. Shawn Says:

    They’re not going to listen to him anyway. He is a gun owner. Gun owners that do not support the government wholeheartedly are to them unworthy of life and deserving to be exterminated by said government. If those officials had their way they would’ve just blow his brains out in the back of his head while he was speaking. They hate us that much.

    But of course they can’t do that. At least not yet. Venezuela or nazi era Germany.

  8. Huck Says:

    CHEEZY, check out Wyoming. It’s the land of the free, very affordable cost of living, and some of the most beautiful country one can feast one’s eyes on.

    I moved here from Californication 8 years ago and have no regrets. In fact, I’m happy as a hog in slops here. Krazyfornia’s just as bad as NY if not worse so I understand how you feel.

  9. Jeff From DC Says:

    I moved from MD to WVa last year. Even the Democrats are more conservative than the MD Republicans. Cheaper taxes, too.