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Dumbest anti-gun ad ever

Will you stop this? Yes, she could have. With a fucking gun:

12 Responses to “Dumbest anti-gun ad ever”

  1. RWC Says:

    I guess women can’t be armed in ‘Everytown.’

  2. Lyle Says:

    Stop violence against women– Make sure all women are defenseless.

    Yup. It worked for my sister, when she was stabbed to death and her daughter was then strangled using a shoestring. My sister was unarmed of course.

    Yeah; make sure that can happen over and over and over, because law-abiding (and ONLY law-abiding) women are disarmed. Great idea, Progressives. Real compassionate. Illegal of course, because of the second amendment, but real compassionate. Progressives are so thoughtful and so caring, they want everyone forced to be defenseless.

    Oh, and 18 USC 242, “Depreivation of Rights Under Color of Law” carries a possible death penalty, just so you all know. You disarm someone under color of law, they die because of it, and you could receive the death penalty. Works for me.

  3. Earl Harding Says:

    Why a gun? A billy club would work just as well. One swipe upside the head and lights out.

    I guess it doesn’t count as violence if it is not a gun.


  4. JKB Says:

    I remember a couple years ago not far down the road there was a similar report. An ex-husband showed up at the wife’s mother’s house. Tried, to get in, they called 911. But then they shot him, twice, when he got in. But it didn’t stop him completely so a neighbor, hearing the commotion, came over and shot him again. He didn’t die, but he was stopped.

  5. Pogue Says:

    A pro gun group should film this commerical again, frame by frame, and down to the last detail. But this time the female should produce her own handgun and fix the problem before it escalates.

  6. mikee Says:

    I am pretty sure I have stopped the possibility of the scene in the ad from happening to my now-grown children.

    The attacker would either have stopped, or been stopped, before he got more than a step across the threshold.

    So, having done my part in my family, all I can do is offer to train victims of domestic violence in how to defend themselves.

    Which is what the ad suggested, by my viewing.

  7. divemedic Says:

    Even more effective would be to have the man beat her to death in the commercial, and then flash over to a still shot of the woman standing there holding a pistol and her child, with a caption reading “Don’t be a defenseless victim.”

  8. erica Says:

    Keep playing it AS IS. I think if it is shown enough a few of them will catch a clue and rethink the situation.
    All the “liberals” want to be the victim. they may rethink how that actually works out.

    I say spread this far and wide.

  9. Tam Says:

    Because if you take the guns out of the equation, then there’s no way for someone to harm another person who they outweigh by fifty pounds and have an 8″ reach advantage over.

  10. Phil Says:

    Looked like she was losing before the gun came into play. Moreover, if they’re claiming this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t have the gun, it raises the question if there was a history of domestic violence in the relationship. According to current law, that would make the ex a prohibited person. Thus, the commercial shows the ineffectiveness of gun control laws at keeping them away from criminals while underscoring that with the helplessness of an unarmed victim against an attacker.

    Geez, all we’d have to do is replace the last splash screen and it works better for our side than for theirs.

    Gun control groups really are pathetic when they’re on message.

  11. JMB Says:

    I like how they disabled comments for this video on YouTube. They can’t handle the truth apparently…

  12. John A Says:

    *Stunner: Three of the four women on “The View” support gun ownership for protection*
    Links to bottom, start at top for video and transcript.
    Note the three who [now, not always] support guns for self-defense had been invaded when they did NOT have a gun at home. Learning curve…