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The wages of stupid

Missouri town bans OC because, well, OCers scare people.

4 Responses to “The wages of stupid”

  1. nk Says:

    Uncle, you should have trademarked “Don’t scare white people”.

  2. Joel Stoner Says:

    Sad to say that i know that City well, their police are out of control. The Missouri legislature is working on fixing part of the Preemption law. The change would not allow Ordinances that ban those with valid CCW recognized by MO. Waiting on a response from Senator Brown, and Rep Franklin as to the Status of that Bill.

  3. JTC Says:


    “blue people”.

    More descriptive, less racist, and way funny.

  4. Paul Kisling Says:

    Somehow I doubt its the Open Carriers scaring off the tourists.

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