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Seattle shooter disarmed during re-load

Unpossibly, nutjob violates weapons policy and starts shooting people. Went to re-load the shotty and was pounced on by others. I only wonder why those tackling him didn’t beat him to death.

23 Responses to “Seattle shooter disarmed during re-load”

  1. Matthew Carberry Says:

    I went there ’88-’99. Beautiful campus.

  2. Matthew Carberry Says:

    As to the non-beating. SPU is a Free Methodist Christian college with a chapel requirement and a no dancing policy. Not a violent crowd.

    Several people in my crowd had guns and carried off-campus.

    Random thought. 4 hits, if 4 shots this tool didn’t take out the plug.

  3. nvguy Says:

    Because, unlike the police, they had no qualified immunity and would actually be held accountable for their actions.

  4. Rob Says:

    Random thought. 4 hits, if 4 shots this tool didnít take out the plug.

    Plugs only allow three shots – two in the magazine and one in the chamber. So if he had the plug in, he managed to do at least a partial reload.

  5. Gerry Says:

    Not an assault rifle or high capacity pistol?
    Shocked I tell you, shocked!

  6. The Jack Says:

    Spin prediction: The antis will claim that because it was a shotgun that did not have those evil high capacity clips, that was what kept the bodycount low, and thus Assault Weapons should be banned.

  7. CaptDMO Says:

    “..why those tackling him didnít beat him to death.”
    You meant STOP him to death,(distinct from “arrest”) of course.

  8. A Critic Says:

    “I only wonder why those tackling him didnít beat him to death.”

    1) they weren’t cops
    2) he wasn’t innocent

  9. mikee Says:

    Some reports state the attacker was sprayed with pepper spray, then jumped upon.

    Pepper spray isn’t conducive to close contact with the attacker, and might have restrained the defenders’ response a bit.

  10. grendel Says:

    “Well orficer, during the struggle he dropped the gun and it just went off into his face.”

  11. Mad Rocket Scientist Says:

    The key thing to take away is not the weapon of the shooter, or the guard who engaged him. It’s the fact that he was stopped because people didn’t run or cower, but waited for the moment & then acted upon it when it arrived.

    As was the QOTD yesterday, if all you’ve brought to a gun fight is a gun, you’ve already lost.

  12. Chris Says:

    Here in Tn the perp would be a decedent at this point.

  13. Lyle Says:

    The article fails to anwser, or ask, an important question– Is that campus a “gun-free” zone or not?

  14. TigerStripe Says:


    Lifestyle Expectations

    13.Possession, use, storage, manufacture, transport, display, sale, or distribution on University property of any firearms, weapons, fireworks, live ammunition, incendiary devices, explosives, flammable liquids, or other items that are potentially hazardous to members of the campus community. Propane and other compressed gases (including spray paint) are also prohibited unless approved for a specific purpose.

  15. steve l. Says:

    so even spray paint is forbidden, is there an exception for pepper spray?

    Meis typically carries pepper spray with him because he likes to be prepared wherever he goes, Salgado said.

  16. JKB Says:

    I read a report that stated a student heard two multiple shot volleys. One of two or three then later a couple more so he may have had five shells in the shotgun.

  17. JKB Says:

    This is unexpected….not

    His public defender, Ramona Brandes, says Ybarra is sorry for the suffering he caused and that is on suicide watch.

    She says he has longstanding mental health issues and has been treated and medicated in the past, though she did not know his specific diagnoses.

  18. Chris Says:

    There has only been a few RARE occasions when active shooter use a semi auto rifle to commit said crime…these shooting are always with pistols or shotguns..only thing that stops these shooters is someone else with a firearm,or suicide…but to speak in facts and truth just doesn’t make spence to the anti public…they need to make a national help line for people that are considering things like this and give pamphlets with every fire arm purchase to show ppl that there is help and ppl care ..just a thought

  19. Windy Wilson Says:

    A pamphlet about mass murder given with every purchased firearm is about as sensible as a pamphlet about alcoholism and rape given out with every sale of an alcoholic beverage, or a pamphlet about speeding and the necessity of stopping after one is in an accident given with every car sale. The percentages are so vanishingly small as to be offensive.

    Abusis non tollit usum.

    Perhaps a pamphlet with every sale of a word processing program on the responsible use of speech in the land of free speech?

  20. MJM Says:

    By far, most mentally ill people harbor no homicidal thoughts. A few mentally ill people are so sick that they may believe other human beings to be attacking fire ants or zombies such that these mentally ill people believe (delusionally) that they are acting in self-defense. It is possible that Ybarra thought his victims were coming to kill him, but I doubt that. Mental illness is an insufficient explanation for homicidal maniacs. Ybarra probably knew he was killing people who were no threat to him. So, why was that okay for him? And, at some level, we forget trying to comprehend it and just get serious about punishing the heinous crime of murdering another human being.

  21. chris Says:

    hey WINDY, brain that is ,,all im trying to say is with education and an open dialog about making people aware they may have a problem and there is help and alternatives for someone whom may have issues is a good thing, and it would maybe be start at finding a solution ,you know like a trial and error, windy whats your bright idea to get some solutions on how to get a handle on these active shooters, other than the anti trying to create more laws and regulation that doesn’t work for criminals or the ppl with issues ???

  22. chris Says:

    and its not a pamphlet on mass murders, its a pamphlet to list things like help lines, classes on dealing with problems they may have etc… and helping them recognize issues to help ppl think through. small things like education can work wonders

  23. Kirk Parker Says:

    Lyle @ 13,

    I hope you can read between the lines of TigerStripe’s reply, and deduce that this is a requirement-for-students imposed on them by this private university. State law itself does not make being armed on campus a crime (as it does for K-12 schools–public or private–with some exceptions.) A student can always be expelled for violating those rules, and a faculty or staff member have their employment terminated, but to be charged with an actual crime you’d have to resist or violate a trespass order.