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In Chicago

A Summer of Faith and Action” to stop gun violence. I’d go with shooting back, personally.

4 Responses to “In Chicago”

  1. Andrew S. Says:

    From the article, it seems that they’re trying to start street-level activities and community self-policing to tamp down the gangbanging. I sincerely wish them complete and utter success. If violence-reducing measures like those can be shown to work, it’s another nail in the coffin for the “think of the chilluns, ban guns now!” crowd.

  2. dustydog Says:

    One – Faith works, and works better than anything else.
    Two – I don’t have that much faith, but I’m trying.
    Three – a public march is not an expression of faith.

  3. AndyN Says:

    Just a summer of faith and action? I have faith in my single action year round.

  4. Brian J Says:

    Among the crowd was Kimberly Grayson, who said, Im here to protest guns killing our kids, drug dealers standing on the corner disrespecting our children and trying to influence them that this is how they should live, she said.

    So the gun, loaded itself, floated in the air, pulled its own trigger, and killed someone? Do not protest the gun. Protest the thug holding the gun….