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Operation Choke Point

The Department of Justice is bullying banks to refuse to serve businesses that the DOJ doesn’t like. Such as porn stars and gun shops and more.

9 Responses to “Operation Choke Point”

  1. Standard Mischief Says:

    You kinda have to wonder if the same thing wasn’t going on in Colorado at all the local “smokebird” recreational dope selling locations, well at least until causing them to have banking issues didn’t poll very well with 0bama’s core demographic.

  2. Paul Kisling Says:

    This is why the porn stars endorsed Romney.

  3. divemedic Says:

    My brother owns a large vending machine business. They have $3 million a month in mostly cash sales. The armored car comes every day and picks up their deposits, bringing them to a money warehouse where it is counted. An electronic deposit is sent to their bank. The bank itself doesn’t ever have to handle cash.

    Only one bank will do business with them, with the others saying that they are “high risk” because they deal almost exclusively in cash. This is probably why.

  4. Paul Kisling Says:

    Sounds to me like the feds are interested in encouraging tax evasion by default.

  5. CaptDMO Says:

    I wonder what would happen if “banks” were to refuse “service” to any, and all, persons even remotely associated with an organization with known unindicted conspirator
    to criminal activity status, ESPECIALY resulting in murder, manslaughter, and failure to defend The un-mis-remembered Constitution of the United States of America?
    MIGHT cut down on those pernicious, previously unreimbursed, “personal”, and non-essential, expenses on gub’mint issued credit/debit cards.

  6. Lyle Says:

    Once you’ve accepted government as social/cultural engineer (and most of us have, at least by default) then based on what principle or standard can you draw a line and say “This is as far as it will go and no farther”?

  7. chris Says:

    Since when is being a porn star or gun shop illegal?

    This is government by unlawful bullying – not by the proper exercise and enforcement of laws.

    But it is certainly no surprise.

  8. mikee Says:

    When will the BATFE start regulating porn?

    And when they add a “P” to their acronym, where will it be placed?

  9. A. R. Lowe Says:

    In 2011 FDIC listed 30 high-risk business. That includes…

    Ammunition Sales
    Coin Dealers
    Firearms Sales
    On-line Gambling
    Money Transfer Networks
    Fireworks Sales
    Surveillance Equipment
    Travel Clubs

    Here is a link to the FDIC web site.

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