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News you can use: draw a pistol in a car

From NSSF:

5 Responses to “News you can use: draw a pistol in a car”

  1. JKB Says:

    Don’t try that as you brake to a stop, the seat belt will lock if you try to move forward and left. I’ve had it happen a lot when trying to see at an intersection where the roads are intersecting at a shallow angle.

    Plus, a bit of awareness would help you drop the seatbelt early in the encounter. Same if you are carrying your weapon in your vehicle in a case, which comes in handy if you need to reveal the carry in a police stop.

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention leaning toward the center to bring your gun to bear on a threat at the window.

  2. Al Says:

    I miss bench seats.

  3. Paul Kisling Says:

    This is what krinkovs are for.

  4. Mike V. Says:

    And if you notice he has the seat moved way back in this demo. In normal seat positions, hanging the pistol in the steering wheel is a concern.

  5. Michaelq83 Says:

    And what are lefties supposed to do with the door in the way? I’ve been trying to work out a draw that isn’t incredibly awkward and doesn’t risk ballistic castration but I can’t do it. Ideas?