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Free speech

Man ordered to take down pictures and name of police officer he posted on the internet. Well, in that case, Jerry Bledsoe:

6 Responses to “Free speech”

  1. Other Steve Says:

    A. Get silencers, you have neighbors.

    B. I’m not sure the police could arrest him or take his guns if there was no complaint yet filed. Right? That cop had no actual proof it was him firing guns specifically.

  2. Beaumont Says:

    Looks like a case of an out-of-control punk with a substance abuse problem. Solution? Spread the word. Tourism sites would like to know that visitors could be harassed. Business-development organizations might be interested in avoiding a county where official misconduct is widely publicized. Opportunities abound.

  3. Jeffersonian Says:

    go home Beaumont. You’re drunk.

  4. Oldradartech Says:

    So “Lt. Bledsoe”, off duty and under the influence, decides to wander away from the BBQ he was attending and steal some guns? Because that’s how it looks to me.

  5. Paul Kisling Says:

    I love it. A cop on the property of the accused thinks he has the right to privacy from the accused. That is a laugh..

  6. mikee Says:

    In Texas, you can shoot on your own property if you are outside city limits (i.e., on county land) and are on a piece of property at least 100acres in size, if I recall correctly.

    The video does not look like such is the case there.

    And as my daddy taught me, you don’t argue with police, you argue with judges. Once the police were involved, the situation was bound to turn out less than optimally, laws be damned.