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To protect and infect

Turnkey tyranny. It’s a long watch but worth it:

7 Responses to “To protect and infect”

  1. Eagle Says:

    Confused & perplexed!

    I never know what to believe! The “classical liberal” in me absolutely agrees with what the presenter was saying; I do believe we (Americans) need to have a serious debate about what is being gathered.

    On the other hand, however, we absolutely need to be a step ahead of our enemies (preferably foreign-based).

    Also, the contradiction between what the “all powerful” .gov can do to us juxtaposed to its inability to do much of anything well (USPS, Obamacare, HUD, EPA et al) always leaves me scratching my head. “Uncle” is so bloated and incompetent that I have a tough time buying into some of the conspiracies……but NSA (probably) isn’t staffed with the usual bumbling dipshits as other branches/departments.

    I have NO DOUBT that all of our iPhones/computers/WiFi are completely compromised, but “what’s a girl to do?” He’s right, 99.98% of our elected officials are clueless.


  2. SayUncle Says:

    I am not bloated!

  3. Bill Says:

    Government does “Force” very well. Economics, not so much.

    This was terrifying, horrifying, and depressing as hell.

  4. Crunkomatic Says:

    If you want to stay ahead of your enemies, be a mystery to them. Withdraw. Send them no aid. Don’t deal with them at all. Until they get a constitution that protects the rights of citizens, we do not deal with them on anything. Not even ambassadors.

    If they attack us anyway, burn them to the ground. No quarter.

  5. Prester Scott Says:

    Why does this guy give props to Obama? He’s not a friend of any kind of liberty.

  6. Kevin Baker Says:

    Why does he give props to Obama? Because he’s a Progressive, and still blinkered to what Obama really is. This guy is locked into “Blame Bush” mode.

    That doesn’t alter the content of the presentation though.

  7. Don Says:

    Hey, Crunkomatic. Best suggestion I have heard in a while.