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Security Theater

Forget the TSA, this guy makes a bomb with stuff you can buy after you go through airport security:

16 Responses to “Security Theater”

  1. Bob Smith Says:

    Now you they won’t let you have a coffee mug, magazine, battery or dental floss. They might as well just not let anyone fly.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    No carry-ons. Start with a strip/cavity search, and stay naked through the flight.

  3. The National Front Says:

    Bump. Bump. Bump. That’s the sound of letter agencies dragging that guy off to be questioned.

  4. Burnt Toast Says:

    I was used a condom to fix a tap for a kegger in college.

    Always carry dental floss (the tape is best) and a leatherman while its still legal.

  5. comatus Says:

    B.T., you’ll want to re-engineer the grammar on that first sentence. That passive voice, man…it’s just…passive. Curiously, the rest of your advice seems pretty sound. Manly, even.

  6. Burnt Toast Says:

    Very much thank you for the manly grammar advice on my post comatus,

    ‘I once used a’ Fixed?

  7. JTC Says:

    Looks like he’d hafta build the thing after boarding. Lessons learned; If you see a guy go into the john with his coffee mug or start playing with condoms in his seat, you’ve got two minutes to beat the shit out of him.

  8. Jay Dee Says:

    Might I make a suggestion to post the address of the video file either in the article or in the comments. For some reason, my security software blocks many of the embedded videos posted on weblogs but I can go directly to Youtube, Liveleaks, etc. & view the video.

  9. Cargosquid Says:


    It looked like it needed a shake.
    Build it prior to boarding.

    Carry it carefully.

  10. JTC Says:

    “Carry it carefully.”

    Heh. Even a suicide tango doesn’t want to blow up *only* hisownself.

  11. Hartley Says:

    Let’s see if this works for you, Jay Dee.

  12. nk Says:

    I couldn’t tell. Is it waxed or unwaxed floss?

  13. ThomasD Says:

    Lithium hydride reacts strongly with simple alcohols. The Axe body spray is the alcohol, the batteries contain the LiH, the breaking of the condom releases the water that brings the party together.

    The better the pressure vessel the bigger the bang.

    It’s certainly not enough to do any real damage, but it would result in an emergency landing and make TSA up the theatrics to Mr. Evilwrench level.

    Passengers would probably be issued paper uniforms for each flight.

  14. KM Says:

    I have to admit I don’t do a lot of post security point shopping, but at what airport store did he buy a pipe cutter?

  15. KM Says:

    Never mind…played it again without the dog screwing with me and saw the pipecutter pertinent pic.

  16. Lyle Says:

    Well if I wasn’t already on the kill list I certainly am now that I’ve watched that vid.