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Some times, the pro gun laws go a bit far

Volokh: Read literally, the statute makes it a crime to publish the name of anyone who happens to own a gun, even if you donít say that heís a gun owner.

One Response to “Some times, the pro gun laws go a bit far”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Hence the problem with having people whose main skill is looking good on camera and getting elected trying to write complex things like laws. The unintended consequences run amok.

    Like here in Florida. The way the law is written, if I have a yard sale and any of the shirts I’m getting rid of have fur of one of my cats on it, I can be charged with a crime and if I brush the dirt off a gravestone, I can also be charged with a crime.

    The laws were put into place to protect endangered felines and to prevent people from damaging grave sites, and that was the original intent, but because people have the dumbs, they will ignore the intent and just pretend that domestic cat fur is illegal to sell if it’s attached to a shirt.