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Zimmerman’s next move

Really, what’s this guy gonna do? It’s not like he can go out and get a day job. Who’d hire him? I mean, I would just to piss people off but most people won’t. He’s suing NBC. That may go his way or not. I suppose a book deal. But it better be for enough money to last him until he fades into obscurity.

21 Responses to “Zimmerman’s next move”

  1. AndyN Says:

    Corey just called him a murderer on national television. If the NBC suit doesn’t pan out, I’d say he’s got a pretty textbook libel case against the prosecutor.

    He could also probably make a decent bit of money auctioning the 9mm that the police are supposed to be giving back to him.

    If all else fails, maybe he could find a police department somewhere that would be interested in hiring a guy with a proven record of using limited evidence to identify potentially violent repeat offenders.

  2. Sean Says:

    I dunno. Remember Capt Hazelwood? Of the EXXON VALDEZ? He got his license back, but of course no one will hire him as captain, but I heard he was a consultant at an admiralty law firm.

    Maybe Z does a lecture tour at the self defense schools?

    Although that may be as tasteless as Lon (hawck-spit) Horiuchi as spokesman for rifle scopes.

  3. Kang Says:

    Book deal “What the F**k Was I Thinking” by George Zimmerman

  4. Robert Says:

    Don’t forget the lawsuit against CNN for showing his Social Security Number on TV.

  5. SD3 Says:

    Hey, if you can’t hide, you might as well sue people for defamation as a full-time occupation.

    God knows, he’s got plenty irresponsible federal officials publicly slandering him every day.

  6. rationalthought Says:

    Maybe the Punisher is hiring.

  7. Bill Says:

    The NBC suit will be a winner. The Corey statement won’t get him anything, because suing prosecutors never goes anywhere, public official in their line of duty…blah, blah, blah.

    He’s hirable, but I imagine he’ll change his name, lose weight, grow a full beard.

  8. G.O.L.D. Says:

    Change his last name to Dylan?

  9. SD3 Says:

    “….suing prosecutors never goes anywhere…”

    Yeah, but she can be impeached for violating his civil rights by failing disclose exculpatory evidence to the court obtained during the investigation.

    You’ll hear more about this in the coming days.

  10. SD3 Says:


  11. Rivrdog Says:

    1. After the NG verdict, NBC folds and settles.
    2. O’mara files suit for Malicious Prosecution, starts serving subpoenas up the chain to Holder.
    3. Holder sends bagman to O’Mara, says if you leave Feds out of it, we will give you Corey to roast on a stick. O’Mara takes that deal, settles with State of FL, big $$$.
    4. Needs the big $$$ to defend Martin family wrongful death lawsuit, maybe settle that case.
    5. Zimmerman goes on welfare.

  12. Will Says:


    #4: Not needed. Martins can’t sue, after GZ wins criminal case in FL. (No idea why, but the Martins did win against the HOA.)

  13. Aaron Says:

    Well, he’s a shoe-in for the role of Emmanuel Goldstein for the Obama administration’s 2 minutes hates-fests.

    Not sure if that role will pay the bills though, but they’ve already cast him for the part.

  14. Siergen Says:

    @Will, as I recall, the HOA by-laws said that the neighborhood watch would be unarmed, yet the HOA failed to ensure that CZ was.

  15. NotClauswitz Says:

    He could go to Harvard on the NBC dime and become a University lecturer like Bill Ayers.

  16. Beaumont Says:

    G.O.L.D. wins the intern3tz!

  17. wizardpc Says:

    (No idea why, but the Martins did win against the HOA.)

    I believe they settled. Prematurely it would seem.

  18. Paul Says:

    Zimmerman said he wanted to be a lawyer.

    Ok, he gets back pay from the state and maybe a book deal. He can use that to pay for collage and become a lawyer.

    That might work out well.

  19. mariner Says:

    Not sure how collage would help him become a lawyer, but in today’s world who knows.

  20. Geodkyt Says:

    Martins got the HOA to settle early on. IIRC, it was because their insurance company (who was on the hook for any judgement if they lost in court) decided settling was almost as cheap as going to court and winning, and definately cheaper than going to court and losing. HOA NOT protected by SYG civil immunity, AFAIK (not that Zimmerman has invoked his SYG immunity yet; they’re waiting to be sued, first).

    Same thing occurs for the same reasons in a LOT of lawsuits where an insurance company or major corporation is on the hook for the money — settle, even if you think you have a decent case, it’s probably cheaper than winning 95% of the time. Which has a LOT to do with malpractice insurance rates, which has a direct effect on medical costs.

    However, since Zimmerman WAS NOT acting as a HOA neighborhood watch guy when he put on the gun and headed out that night (he was running a WEEKLY errand he normally ran at that day of the week and time), the HOA very likely would have won easily. problem is, as I noted — EXPENSIVE case to defend, CATESTROPHICALLY EXPENSIVE case to lose.

  21. Geodkyt Says:

    Mariner — Collage 101 fufills part of the Liberal Arts requirements for his Pre-Law bachelor’s, doesn;t it? ;-P

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