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Taylor Freelance +6 Magazine Floorplate for the M&P9

Why carry 18 when you can carry 24?

So, I saw Tam’s M&P set up and decided I needed to turn my pistol in an almost Personal Defense Weapon. I contacted Brownells and said send me some Taylor Freelance floorplates when you get them in stock. And, like they always do, they sent me some pretty quickly. Side note: dealing with Brownells is great. If it’s not in stock, order it and they will get it to you as soon as it is. Highly recommended.

Anyway, here’s one installed compared to a standard M&P magazine:


As far as installation goes, it’s fairly easy. Though I did launch one spring into the air and scrape my knuckle trying to old the spring down to get the floorplate over it. The instructions that came with it are lacking, to say the least. They should probably put up a video.

Here’s a comparison of the +6 mag, a regular M&P mag and a M&PC mag:


Here’s the M&P loaded up with the mag. Mine also has a Crimson Trace Lasergrip and Lightguard installed to almost make it so tactical it can kill ninjas.


And, though goofy looking and awkward, you can slap the +6 equipped mag into your M&PC:


Once I got them installed, I tried loading them up. I couldn’t get the full +6 in them. I got +2 in 3 and +3 in one. Seems the front and rear alignment of the floorplate and mag tube has some variance. This leaves the shelf of the floorplate out enough to block the follower. However, there is a fix for that which involved adding some bevels. Once I remember where my dremel is, I’ll give that a shot.

You can buy the floorplates here. And the springs here.

And my kids got the game Sorry! so I put that in there.

12 Responses to “Taylor Freelance +6 Magazine Floorplate for the M&P9”

  1. Mac Says:

    You can never have too much magpul like derp attached to your dynamic international operating weapons platform.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    LOL that is awesome.

  3. Turd Furguson Says:

    Keep in mind that those magazine extensions are really for competition (typically USPSA Limited class), and that they do not maintain factory magazine reliability for duty or personal defensive carry. We’ve seen those TF extensions shoot of the bottom of the magazine during courses of fire. The fact that you cannot get a consistent number of rounds into each magazine is fairly indicative that something’s amiss. I’d rather have 18 in the gun than 24 all over the ground…

  4. Geodkyt Says:

    What Turd says.

    And any time you use a compatible mag designed for a longer frame, you really need a spacer sleeve to avoid over inserting it under pressure. You can bind a gun up TIGHT with a too-forceful floorplate slap on loading.

  5. Jeff Says:

    The short term trick to get more rounds in is to load it up until you can’t get another round in. Then try to load another round while hitting the bottom of the mag on a hard flat surface. Usually you can get the follower to go down in to the extension that way.

    @geodkyt: over insertion is a real problem on single stack mags, but I’ve never heard of anyone having it on double stacks. I know the late Paul Gomez did extensive testing of full size glock mags in the compacts and couldn’t cause an issue and never found anyone who documented one.

  6. chris Says:

    You have to like half a box of 9mm ammo in your pistola.

  7. Mike Says:

    I bought one of those a while back, and mine ended up with +5.

  8. Gerry Says:


    I have over inserted a PMAG in AR when under some stress. It took two of us to work it loose at the end of the stage.

  9. Tam Says:

    Turd Furguson,

    Gamer mag is for gaming, which is what I use it for. Because I’m not a Tier One Warrior Operator. Rawr.

  10. joe in houston Says:

    And since you have mags that can be altered, don’t go to Colorado.

  11. Turd Furguson Says:

    I know you wouldn’t go all Tier One Operator with those things; I read your blog as well. My comments above were general in nature, not really directed at anyone in particular. Just concerned that someone would read about the TF extensions and then go all in on something not suited for anything out side of competition shooting.

  12. Geodkyt Says:

    Tam — Yes, that’s true of your pistol. However, based on the line, “decided I needed to turn my pistol in an almost Personal Defense Weapon”, I interpreted this as meaning THIS pistol is apparantly being set up for what Cooper used to call “serious social purposes”. So is not gamer gun or gamer mag in this application.

    Jeff — I _HAVE_ overinserted a double stack extended magazine, to where it took two of us to yank the mag back out. Both in a GP35 and a Beretta 92.

    Never bothered to look for some place to “document” it officially, because it’s a well known failure mode; figured documenting it would be like documenting “Moisin Nagant has stiff bolt” or “Sten jammed while holding to magazine while firing”.