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Track Your Local Wal-Mart Ammunition Inventory

Video of how to track the inventory at the local store without having to go there. Very cool.

9 Responses to “Track Your Local Wal-Mart Ammunition Inventory”

  1. Steve Says:

    I swung by Walmart last night and they had maybe a couple dozen boxes of .40. Monday night they had squat. Thinking of running by again tonight to see if they got cleared out.

  2. TigerStripe Says:

    My local Walmart had limited stock that was gone by the time I got there. TS

  3. Robert Says:

    Now we just need to make a plugin that’ll do this automatically.

  4. AndyN Says:

    He was confident enough that one of the local stores would have 100 rd boxes of 9mm that he chose that as an example? Must be nice.

  5. bob r Says:

    The “Check store availability” link seems to work just fine on both Firefox and IE for ammo; I wonder why it doesn’t work for him. I’m in Washington State — is it possible that what he is seeing is a limitation imposed by local laws?

  6. Robert Says:

    You can do the same thing in Firefox by pressing Shift+F4 and then entering the following lines in the Javascript scratchpad:

    var e = document.getElementById(‘STORE_MSG’); = ‘block’;

    Then press CTRL-R to run it.

  7. Robert Says:

    Another useful thing would be to automate the “email me when this is back in stock” part of the page.

  8. David Says:

    I’m getting this message when I try it in Firefox.

    Exception: illegal character

    Not sure what I did wrong

  9. Robert Says:


    When I pasted those lines into the comment, it changed the double quotes around “STORE_MSG” and “block” into single quotes (probably something in the comment engine to prevent hacking). Try changing those and it should work.