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The regrouping of gun control

Since they tried the kitchen sink approach and got nothing, they’re at it again. Seems if we make illegal stuff illegal once more, it’s synergy.

Schumer is trying to resurrect an anti-gun bill. The WH meetings are held in secret.

Noted gun expert Joe Biden reassures the losers.

Anti-gun activists sure are an angry group.

4 Responses to “The regrouping of gun control”

  1. Phigmeta Says:

    Look they don’t even care about passing gun legislation.

    They are in a fight for their survival now. They MUST pass ANYTHING that has gun in it.

    Non-profits work on the basis that they can get idiots to pay them money.

    Non-profits get idiots to pay them money on the basis that they can accomplish something.

    If they fail this, they stop existing in an effective manner. Bloomberg will go down as a HUGE failure and Biden will have to put this on the stack of failures that he has so beautifully accomplished.

    Not to mention the media, Hollywood, hell even our own education system will have to face the fact that they were not able to get the “average man” to do what they want.

    The media has ALOT to lose here. I Obama can’t rely on them to drive his agenda, who the hell can he rely on?


  2. chris Says:

    Their efforts, ironically, succeeded in one thing and one thing only, namely, creating the most massive flood of firearms, ammo and gun accessories ever.

    That helped many mom and pop operations which are threatened by sluggish sales from Obama’s new normal economy.

    Thanks, guys.

  3. chris Says:

    I meant to say the most massive flood of purchases of …


  4. ericcartman Says:

    we should be going on the offensive now. REPEAL THE HUGHES ACT.
    Take from them everything, give them nothing.